Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa

Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa is the type of hotel that you are longing for, if you are up to explore the cultural, the older Arabic side of Dubai. The Arabian Courtyard is a hotel and a spa resort in one. Although it has only four stars, yet you can be sure that it will suit your taste, while being in Dubai.

If the long walks along the old style streets, boating on the Dubai Creek on one of the traditional beautiful Arabic dhows and shopping sprees in the traditional old souks of Deira is what you need the most, while being in Dubai, then the Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa is just for you. It is not a deluxe place but it has the charm, which is a kind of mixture of the Arabic and Indian oriental motives both in the style and in the interiors of the hotel. The Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa is located in the heart of Bur Dubai, which is the Medina or old city part of Dubai and it is in fact a great entertaining quarter of the city.

Here, you will meet the old charm of Dubai and you will see how the street life goes in Dubai, apart from the neo-modern skyscrapers and the glitz and glamour of New Dubai. Here you will see the Al Bastakiya, the beautiful Dubai Museum and the historical fortress of the town, being the oldest building of Dubai. The Bur Dubai is among the most beautiful parts of this metropolis. If you sail across the Dubai Creek, then you will see the Medina continuing in Deira, the former centre of government and offices. You will also find the computer streets in Bur Dubai. Here you can get just anything, in connection with electronics.

The Arabic Courtyard Hotel and Spa has been concentrating on the treasures of the past, the world famous Arabic hospitality and in its interiors. The hotel has 173 rooms with 41 executive rooms and 23 suites. Among its rooms you will find single, double rooms with WIFI, TV, iron with board and bathroom with shower. All rooms are greatly furnished in an authentic way.

This Dubai hotel can offer six diverse restaurants. Out of these, there are some really worth mentioning. There is the Mumtaz Mahal, which offers all sorts of Indian dishes in a great Indian atmosphere. The Silk Route is an excellent Chinese restaurant and the Sarpino’s Pizzeria. Among its bars, there is the Sherlock Holmes Pub, which is an all-British style pub, offering English beers and some of their most favourite pub-meals.

Being a spa resort, Arabian Courtyard Hotel has an extensive luxury spa with covered swimming pool and several treatment roots. The Wellness Centre of the Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa‘s health centre features the following segments: Wellness Spa, Gym, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steam Room, and Outdoor Swimming Pools.

The Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa Hotel is greatly equipped and it has yearly, periodic, seasonal and sudden discounts. Before deciding on staying in this hotel, you can read many review on Arabian Courtyard Hotel and once you are in Dubai, the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa with its overall great authentic quality paired with the helpfulness of the hotel stuff for sure you will not leave disappointed.

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