Palm Tree Court & Spa

Palm Tree Court & Spa is located in Jebel Ali, next to the huge palm shaped island project, the Palm Jebel Ali, which is the second in the row. The Palm Tree Court & Spa is one of the best luxury spa resorts in Dubai, so it is now your turn to try to let yourself pampered by its numerous services and unbeatable style.

The Palm Tree Court & Spa can be found within the huge Jebel Ali Golf Resort that makes a very interesting situation. However, knowing how huge is the Jebel Ali Golf Resort, it is no wonder, that another complex can be pasted within this enormous Jebel Ali project.

Jebel Ali is an upcoming new part of Dubai, which is becoming the authorised industrial part of Dubai, having its huge free zone and even bigger port area, the Mina Jebel Ali, today handling all the cargo shipments arriving in Dubai. Jebel Ali was not even part of Dubai long time ago. Now, it is considered such an important developing part of Dubai, that it is also hosting the second international airport of Dubai, the Maktoum International Airport, which is close to be ready, already taking care of most cargo flights arriving in and going out of Dubai.

However, getting back to the Palm Tree Court & Spa, it is an ideal place for a relaxing beach and family vacation. It is ideal for those, who are fine staying within huge hotels that have enough entertaining possibilities for them. You can rest within Palm Tree Court & Spa for many days, not even wanting to come out of it. It is huge with all its enormous parks, beautiful gardens, waterfalls and fountains, beachside lanes, huge swimming pools, the beach area and the many bars, restaurants and shops within, not to mention its superb spa, will all want you to stay within the complex.

The place is the best for families with toddlers and more children. Among the rooms and suites you will find many, named Junior Suites, especially aimed for those staying with infants or toddlers. The Palm Tree Court also has a fantastic Kids club with many entertaining programs for the children. This spa hotel has several other types of suites, all perfectly equipped and furnished with huge balconies or terraces overlooking the beautiful jungle-like gardens.

Palm Tree Court & Spa resort is also great for those who are fans of several types of outdoor sports. The huge Jebel Ali complex has its own horse-riding farm, a huge golf course with academy and such a greatly equipped water sports centre, where you can try water activities a lot more extensively, starting from diving and scuba diving to jet skiing. These all are not prohibited if you go to a Dubai beach resort.

Palm Tree Court & Spa resort is also called Dubai’s only true resort. So it is also time for you to explore its huge, beautiful hotel if you are looking for a relaxed holidays with much activities. There are shuttles and tours taking visitors to the city, or you can also use the Red Line of the Dubai metro, taking you all along the huge Sheikh Zayed Road.

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