Lotus Hotel Apartments & Spa

What can possibly be a greater idea than combining the spa resort and the apartment house into one big apartment resort right by the sea? It is by far the best way for many to enjoy the freedom of the apartment, and have a beautiful time in the spa before or after beach time. The Lotus Hotel Apartments & Spa is aiming just the feeling with their new hotel, situated in the middle of the huge Dubai Marina complex in the New Dubai Area of the metropolis.

The Dubai Marina definitely gives a little bit of a moonlike futuristic version of a beach city, but as you get used to it, you will definitely see its beauties too. First, the good thing in Dubai Marina is, that its located right by the Jumeirah Beach. In addition, it has its own line of shops, shopping centres, restaurants, and if this is not enough for you, then just cross the road to visit the huge shopping road of the Jumeirah Residences living district where you can shop your groceries and food freely. The Dubai Marina is a great idea however, also because of its two metro stations, which enable you to come and go from the city quite quickly. With the main Dubai attractions only some metro stops away, you can relax in the Lotus Hotel Apartments & Spa. However, for shopaholics, there are shuttles going from Dubai Marina to some of the largest shopping malls, such as the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates or the Ibn Battuta Mall.

Lotus Hotel Apartments & Spa is part of the huge Lotus chain, which have some more hotels within Dubai as well, in the city. The hotel is right next to the Dubai Marina Mall and the Marina promenade, the nicest street like way of the Dubai Marina. Here, you can see all the canals lying between the huge skyscrapers. The beach is not too far from any part of the Dubai Marina, so anytime you feel like, you can find yourself on the beach within some minutes. Out of the apartments, you may find the studios, such as the Superior Studio, Deluxe Studio, 1-bedroom deluxe apartment and the 2-bedroom deluxe apartments.

Talking about spas and spa resorts, if you read about more hotels in Dubai, let us stick with the 4-5 star hotels, let them be seaside or city hotels, it is almost sure that each one is equipped with a smaller or bigger spa. The hoteliers have seen the need for spa and spa resorts, so now, almost every new hotel has been implementing the spa and the fitness centre or gym services among its offers. The spa is a great idea because women need their beauty time. So, what can be better for a beauty-time than holidays? You can be sure that the spa of the Lotus Hotel Apartments & Spa will not leave you dissatisfied with its treatments. You can also spend some quality time in the steam bath or Hamam of the hotel.

Lotus Hotel Apartments & Spa is indeed a great hotel for some relaxing time. It is perfect for couples and newlyweds although we would suggest something else for families. However, for couples and even for a single trip, the Lotus Hotel Apartments & Spa suits the requirements.

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