Banana Republic Sale in Dubai

Dubai is an outstanding place with tons of shopping possibilities. If you are a fan of shopping clothes, accessories, shoes or just anything then your place is definitely in Dubai for your holidays. This time we would like to represent you to a very special brand, which although less known for Europeans, still represents a great range of clothes with a unique name and idea: Banana Republic. If you are looking for summer clothes or clothes for your Desert Safari, you should definitely check out the clothes of this great brand. Let’s see what makes Banana Republic special, its history and also its availability in stores in Dubai.

Banana Republic is an urban street wear brand which is extensively popular among all generations in the United States with stores in every city of the country. The brand had first become popular for its explorer style clothes and it still keeps this image in its heritage collection. Although Banana Republic never had the intention to break into the European fashion market, it has quickly become world famous thanks to the good quality and the durability of its clothes.

Banana Republic was born as an idea by two young designers Mel and Patricia Ziegler and was inspired by the style and atmosphere of African Safaris, how we can see them in the movies especially in those made between the Forties and the Seventies in the United States. The first collections of the brand came out as a Sahara Expedition catalogue, featuring not just clothes but also adventurous back-stories, photos of real expeditions and some great Sahara-style collections. The brand’s first store also wore the signs of heavy inspiration from Sahara and Jungle expeditions, going as far as to feature a large expedition Jeep in its label store. The brand’s style and fantasy has quickly captured the large GAP Inc. fashion retail empire which has decided to buy the brand in 1983. Today, it is still Gap which is managing the style and the sales of Banana Republic.

Due to GAP’s effects on its style, the overall style of Banana Republic clothes has gone quite neutral, however the brand stayed with its cosy, sporty clothes, which are great for street wear, holidays, free time activities, travelling, excursions and also for work. The heritage collection still features lots of khaki, inspired by the exotic journeys for which they are also great to wear. Banana Republic offers its clothes in its stores and also online on its website where you can get to see the whole collection, the colours and the sizes in which the clothes are available. Banana Republic features affordable yet stylish street wear collections which were created to suit to every taste. With its seasonal offers, the brand is overly famous, for its great breach collections as well.

As an interesting fact, the first Banana Republic store in the Middle East was not opened in Dubai but in neighbouring Saudi Arabia, in the city of Jeddah in 2008. The brand has still no flagship or single brand store in Dubai. However, thanks to all the US department stores in the city, you will have no problems finding Banana Republic clothes in Dubai in the 3 Bloomingdales of the city, located in Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and in the Ibn Battuta Mall. You will also find Banana Republic clothes on sale in Dubai’s one and only Saks Fifth Avenue which is located in the brand new BurJuman Shopping Mall.

Banana Republic makes just perfect holiday clothes which are sporty and classy in the same time. Therefore, you do not need to bother with packing clothes for you on the way to Dubai as in this great city you will build a completely new wardrobe for yourself, also with the help of the great holiday and expedition clothes of Banana Republic.

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