Beautiful Engagement Ring Designs

If you are in Dubai and if you would like to browse gold engagement rings, then there is no better time for you to do so. Being before Eid one of the most special celebrations of Muslims, Dubai jewellers are open for a much longer period of time and even, the biggest Dubai shopping malls, like the Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates are open 24h/day in order to welcome shoppers literally night and day. Let us see now where you can get to see and buy the most beautiful gold jewellery in Dubai.

In Dubai, there are so many places where you can choose out of the choice of not dozens but hundreds of jewellers. Let us enlist some of the main places where you can get to see or buy high quality gold engagement rings in Dubai:

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is currently the biggest tourist favourite, when it comes to buying jewellery, especially when its summer, the air conditioned shopping area of the complex is a great place to be. The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park has around 60-70 jewellery stores out of which we can offer you the choice of Al Liali, Cara Jewellery, Damas, Passion Jewellers, each one trading with high quality gold and diamond jewellery. There are also several stores here, which deal with multiple international brands, and unofficially, the Park is famous for buying high quality replicas of famous brands such as Bvlgari, Cartier, Van Cleef, out of similar quality gold and diamond for a much lower price. Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is situated along the main road of Dubai (Sheikh Zayed) and it is quite close to Jumeirah district.

The Gold Souk of Deira, is one of the main attractions of the city and the first place to go when you would like to see or buy great quality gold jewellery. The choice here is extreme: you can get to choose out more than 330 stores, so be prepared that a Gold Souk visit will surely take most of your day, in case you would like to see multiple stores. The Gold Souk is the centre of jewellery trading and you can get the best bargains here. Some of the best local jewellers include Taiba, Pure Gold, Joyalukkas, Damas, Prima Gold and so many more. Gold Souk is located in the Eastern part of the city in the old town of Dubai. The easiest to get here is by metro, by getting off at Al Rigga. This is a great place for seeing a huge variety of Western or Oriental style gold engagement rings.

These are just some of the key places in Dubai to buy jewellery, yet it is important to note, that every downtown shopping mall in Dubai has at least 10 jewellery stores, offering great quality diamond and gold engagement rings. If you want to be smart, look around for the best looking rings, note the prices, then go to the Gold Souk in Deira and haggle the price.

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