Boudoir Night Club

Before talking about Boudoir nightclub as a prestigious Dubai night club, let us make it clear: the overall meaning of nightclub over here in Dubai is different from how you mean it in other non-Muslim countries. Therefore, here you will not see girls dancing on poles and will not smell cannabis in the air. Dubai night clubs aim fun and dance, without all the other surrounding features. Boudoir Night Club is certainly not an ordinary place.

If you are in Dubai for business or for pleasure, one place you will not want to miss is Boudoir. This night club is luxurious as it offers a wide range of culinary specialities for everyone. The Boudoir was specifically planned to look like a cross between the old-tome Moulin Rouge of Paris and of bedroom as a French castle, which is the one originally called boudoir. The night club is full of luxurious decorations crystal chandeliers, beautiful Arabic fabrics, wide and cosy sofas and authentic oil paintings make the Boudoir look its best. With a capacity to welcome 400 people at the same time, the bar in real is not supposed to be a disco, so it is not included in the list of Dubai discos. It is a restaurant-club with dance floor, and the whole interiors create such a unique and eccentric atmosphere that make this club a regular meeting place for the local and international celebrities.

Music is interestingly played containing 30-minute sections playing all sorts of club music from funky to house, from hip-hop and pop to rock, as the night is on and the dance floor fills with an international crowd.

The locals who come in the Boudoir night club are mainly Lebanese, who are more revealing in dressing style than the Dubai people. As you might also know the music and youth culture of Lebanon is quite liberal, that is why we can find many- many Lebanese singers and actors as well.

This expensive and exclusive Boudoir nightclub is located in Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, on Jumeirah Road and it is popular for celebrities and top models as well as DJ stars chilling out the dance floor. It is open from 7.30 pm to 4 am.

Nowadays, there has been a rumour about the ongoing table-competition that is happening at the club each night. It means if a table orders a special bottle of a (probably alcoholic) drink, then the table might order a special music for themselves. This usually starts an all-night long competition among the tables, which makes fun and definitely lots of profit for the Boudoir night club.

Boudoir nightclub is one of the most colourful places in the nightlife of Dubai, which is already quite colourful, if you get bored of the ordinary night clubs take a visit to the Boudoir. It is definitely not a place to go alone, so have some friends or tourist company with you so that you can reserve a table and can view the interesting table contest of the locals and Lebanese.

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