Bridges Nightclub

As a modern city, Dubai has a bustling nightlife and Dubai provides much more than what you expectations. Bridges nightclub in Dubai is a great place to visit for a drink. The experienced bar staff will take care of you diligently and provides drinks that suit to all tastes. At Bridges nightclub in Dubai, you can enjoy classic cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails. The customers can find excellent selection of wines, spirits, soft drinks, and beers that suits all kind of tastes. Bridges nightclub is in Fairmont Hotel which is located in Sheikh Zayed Road. Bridges nightclub in Dubai provides its customers a lively atmosphere which can be enjoyed for the whole night.

The important ingredients of a nightclub are music, dance and alcohol. Bridges nightclub is perfect for both seniors and youngsters as it shares you with romance, unity and mutual reinforcement. The delightful piano music in this bar is unique played by a local musician. You can also enjoy Arabian Music along with the various types of drinks. Your mind will feel lighter by hearing the piano music at the Bridges nightclub in Dubai. The Bridges nightclub is open from morning 9am. You can have snacks and morning coffee from the nightclub.

You can have pasties and also enjoy the free calories dish of the day in the menu. The customers can enjoy coffee and cardamom tea which prepared exclusive for the customer. You can enjoy alcohol only after 12 noon and not before that time. The nightclub will be opened until 2 am, but from 4pm to 6pm, the daily maintenance bar will be closed. Never forget to enjoy a cocktail mixed with red and white wine which makes your night beautiful at Bridges nightclub. The white wines used are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris̸ Pinor Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Red wines used are Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah̸Shiraz, Merlot, and Zinfandel. Some of the premium Italian brands are offered at this nightclub are Vino Orvieto, Vino Montefalco, Chianti, and much more. Bridges nightclub in Dubai is best suited for holding formal meetings, and meeting old friends. The staff at Bridges bar is service minded and efficient. Bridges nightclub is one of the most visited nightclubs in Dubai. The usual drinks served by this nightclub are champagne and beer. Most of the nightclubs and bars in Dubai can be found only in hotels.

Dubai nightlife is livelier when compared to other emirates of UAE. You can find wide array of bars and nightclubs and you can enjoy the nightlife to its fullest. Most of the nightclubs in Dubai serve alcohol, but they are only in hotels and not as a separate entity. During Ramada, the Dubai nightlife will come down as no music and dance is allowed on Ramadan months. DJs music can be heard in the nightclubs of Dubai. Nightclubs in Dubai do not allow people who wear local dresses such as kandooras and dishdashas. Enjoy a great nightlife at the Bridges nightclub in Dubai, if you are interested in nightlife.

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