Buying Rings at the Dubai Gold Souk

Dubai is one of the most fantastic cities in the world. The meeting of old and new, the luxurious city has been built in order to make shopping one of its main forms of attractions and entertainments in one. There is no other city in the world that would be this rich in shopping malls and luxury stores in one place. Yet, luckily Dubai has another side as well, an old town part for those, who would like to experience the more traditional side of the city. Here, you can find one of the greatest attractions of the city, an alone standing creation: the Dubai Gold Souk. Located in Deira, this place is pure gold! Having over 330 stores all of which sell gold sets and amazing rings, the streets of Gold Souk glow in yellow during the day! Let us visit Gold Souk together and let’s see what sort of beautiful rings, can we find in here.

No matter, it is about wedding rings, engagement rings, cocktail rings or accessory rings; Dubai Gold Souk has it all for you. The variety is breathtaking. You can get to see the most traditional Indian ring creations or the modern Western designs at one place! Gold rings, diamond rings, platinum and silver rings are all sold in the great Dubai Gold Souk in an extreme variety.

Although talking about a traditional Arabic Souk, do not let the name fool you. The Dubai Gold Souk is definitely the most expensive area in the whole city and it is not only the traditional meeting point of all jewellers and whole sellers of Asia but also it is the place, where all the exclusive jewellers are based and have their showrooms as well. This gold souk is a fantastic place, because you can start your journey looking for a quality ring and finish it, having a whole collection of jewellery for a fantastic price!

Damas Jewellery, Joyalukkas Jewellery, Mahallati, Zainal, Al Zain, Pure Gold, Prima Gold, Al Liali jewelleries as some of the best brands have multiple stores in here together with their central offices. The best Indian and Pakistani Jewellers are also represented in the Dubai Gold Souk, Atlas, Chungath, Malabar, Dhakan, Chemmanur, Alburoog Jewellers, have breathtaking collections for you to see!

When it comes to rings, each Dubai jewellers has a vast collection of wedding rings, made out beautiful gold and white gold for the shoppers. The variety really depends on your budget. You have a great chance to end up with a beautiful pair of diamond eternity rings, especially if you end up at Pure Gold, which has some of the best quality collections all over Dubai.

Dubai Gold Souk is a fantastic place of the city, a place that completely changes the picture of how you may have imagined Dubai to look like. Being the Medina of Dubai, situated right next to the great river of Dubai, the Dubai Creek, Dubai Gold Souk is especially fantastic to get to by one of the water taxis of Dubai, called Abras, if you arrive from the West. Don’t miss out on Dubai Gold Souk, with some of the greatest collections of gold rings and wedding rings which are also extremely nice to buy here as souvenirs of a great memorable time in the City of Gold.

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