Dubai – The City of Gold

Dubai is a traditional city, an important tourist destination. People from all over the world love to visit this wonderful city with their friends and families. Thousands of people spend their vacations here. Dubai is renowned for its shopping centres, markets and big buildings. When we talk about gold, Dubai is at the top of the list. It is known as a valley of gold. It is the largest exporter of gold, all over the world. Dubai is also called a City Of Gold, where the finest quality gold jewellery can be found.

Dubai Gold Souk is the largest market of gold in the world. It lies on the north of the biggest fish and vegetable market of Dubai. Few small traders in Dubai started gold trading in 1950s. Gradually this small network developed into the world’s largest gold selling market. City Of Gold has a very good reputation in the worldwide market.

Damas, ARY jewellery, Prima Gold, and Joy Allukkas Jewellery are the top brands which are trading in Dubai. Their outlets and stores are available in all big shopping malls of Dubai and of course in the Dubai Gold Souk. Precious metals and unique stones in these outlets are available at very affordable and decent prices. Stones as well semi-precious gems like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, opals, amethysts, sapphires and many others are also traded in gold market. Gold is available in different colours. You will find gold of green, white, pink and yellow colour in the City Of Gold. You will also find countless designs of necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings and earrings. You can also order the design of your choice.

Gold prices in this beautiful City Of Gold are determined in UAE Dirham. Gold rate is fixed on four different measurements which are Gold Bar, 18 Carat Gold, 22 Carat Gold, and 24 Carat Gold. The 18 Carat gold rate is normally used in Dubai. 21 Carat and 24 Carat gold rates are also used in some parts of Dubai. Official Gold rates in Dubai are announced by Gold And Jewellery Group and these gold rates are updated regularly on daily basis. International conferences about gold related issues are also organized in this City Of Gold.

People in City Of Gold are very crazy about gold items. More than 300 retail shops are found in Dubai Gold Souk. They deal mostly in gold jewellery items. Women are mostly found purchasing gold items in gold market. Gold rates in Dubai Gold Souk are cheaper as compared to other gold markets of the world. It is not only cheaper in Gold Souk but in whole Dubai as compared to other countries. People normally visit these markets in the evening. It is not possible to remain in these markets in the daytime, as there is much hustle bustle during daytime.

Dubai is an important tourist destination. People from all over the world visit this City Of Gold frequently for holiday and business tours. This place is a very old gold market in Dubai. As the time passes, it becomes a centre of gold worldwide. Friendly and free trade policies of Dubai authorities have played a significant role to make gold trading a full time business in all over the world. Dubai, the City Of Gold has become the largest buyer and seller of the world according to a survey made recently.

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