Bvlgari Bags in Dubai

Bvlgari is a great stylish fashionable brand, which is specialised primarily in making jewellery and watches, yet its leather handbags line also has a sound success in the world of fashion. Having asked such superstars as Isabella Rossellini to cooperate with the creation of one of its still leading collections, Bvlgari handbags are as famous as ever. Let us check out the secret and history of Bvlgari.

Bvlgari today have four main lines of handbag collections: The lines are mainly named on the symbols they represent in one type of collection, with the exception of the Isabella Rossellini collection of course:

The Serpenti collection: Contrary to its name, this highly successful collection, does not produce handbags of snakeskin, they usually use calf. The name of the collection is mainly because of the snakehead shaped closure on each handbag. The collection features smaller square shaped handbags in diverse colours.

Isabella Rossellini Collection: this collection comprises of 3 handbags each one of them with the same form but with different outlooks. The form of the handbag could be the best described as purse forms. Each one of the bags comes in different colours each one classy and the income of these handbags goes for charity, which Bvlgari takes part in.

Monete Collection: This collection features the trademark coin of Bvlgari featured on handbag chains as decorations made of glass and metal. On the coins, we can see the Greek nymph Arethusa that is to emphasise the Greek heritage of designer Bvlgari. This beautiful collection features handbags of different size and colour. There are also purses available in this collection.

Leoni Collection: this collection features superb Ancient time inspired lion shaped handbag handles on the Bvlgari handbags made out of gold plated metal using the outlook of ancient Greek lions to represent Bvlgari’s Greek heritage this beautiful way. These beautiful handbags also come in different sizes and forms. By far this is the biggest collection of Bvlgari; especially the silver pieces are outstanding.

All these great collection feature eternally elegant Bvlgari bags each one of them being a masterpiece on their own right. No wonder Bvlgari pieces are famous in Dubai as they represent a great, wealthy brand with rich traditions and great quality. Bvlgari has its own label store in Dubai, its jewellery being more than popular in the Emirates its handbags also gaining a growing importance. You can find handbags in the Dubai Mall in the label store of Bvlgari, which is in fact a twin store, one part selling jewellery and the other selling other Bvlgari goods such as their leather ware, accessories and it’s famous handbags.

If you are in the Dubai Mall, you must definitely check out what Bvlgari has to offer you by means of its quality goods and its superb bags. If you arrive in Dubai when there is a shopping festival, winter or summer, you may even get a 10-15% discount from Bvlgari handbags. One shopping festival is held during the winter and the other, called Dubai Summer Surprises, is held during the summer.

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