Check Out Zara’s Latest Collection in Dubai

Zara is a popular producer of urban street wear clothes and it has been consistently among the most popular street wear brands in the past 10 years all across Europe. Thanks to its great styling and materials used and its unique promotional strategy, Zara is a brand to watch for everyone who looks for affordable luxury. Let us check out the history and the key style of Zara together with its stores and availability in Dubai.

There is no woman in Europe who would not know Zara as the brand is so popular and has opened stores in every bigger cities of the continent, beginning from the Nineties. The Spanish brand has wearer friendly fashionable clothes all the family. No matter you are looking for casual streetwear, corporate clothing or elegant items, you can find them all in the stores of Zara.

Zara is currently the biggest and most successful brand of the huge Inditex Group that has such other brands in its ownership as Bershka, Stradivarius or Springfield. The brand’s origins are in Arteixo, Galicia, where two designers Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera established it. The first store of the brand opened in 1974 in A Coruna. The name of the brand was born in such way that initially its founders wanted to christen it Zorba. However, as the street had already a pub named Zorba, the owner of which was not happy about a clothes store having the same name, they had to initially re-name it. Zara name is a result of simply changing one letter and taking out of another from Zorba, which sounded customer friendly too. Zara is perhaps the only clothing brand in the world that has decided against spending money on catalogues and for appearance in magazines, yet spending all the money that it saves this way to the producing of quality clothes. Zara follows the high-street trends up to scratch and therefore it are often called a fashion-imitating company. Zara is very fast in producing clothes and collections, compared to its rivals due to making changes with its distribution process.

Zara has started with its international expansion already in the Nineties. Contrary to other competitors, all Zara stores are company owned with the sole exception of such countries where local laws forbid that. You can find Zara stores in 73 countries.

Zara produces instant fashion clothes, in multiple lines and ranges. Currently all Zara stores have the same outlook which also separates its collections. Zara produces clothes for men, it has its regular women’s collection, a kids’ collection and a jeans and trendy street wear collection. Women’s collections occupy the first two floors, while kids’ collections are located on the first floor and menswear on the second floor of each Zara store. Apart from clothes, Zara is also successful with its shoes and accessories.

Zara clothes have a growing reputation in Dubai and it is becoming more and more popular especially in the circles of the Dubai younger generation. You can currently find multiple Zara stores in the downtown of Dubai, located in the Deira City Centre, the Mirdif City Centre, in the BurJuman Shopping Centre and among other locations.

Dubai, although is the land of all luxury, has become tremendously successful in terms of housing all the household names in the world of fashion and Zara is definitely one of the biggest trends of street wear which we definitely suggest you to visit.

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