Chloe Handbags in Dubai

Chloe is one of the elite French fashion brands as of today, from the hands of Egyptian born Gaby Aghion whose Paris debut has clearly made changes in the rankings within the fashion capital. Chloe is also an elite brand, with definitely high-profile garments and accessories and the prices that match with their style. Chloe handbags however among the best buys, when it comes to first-class quality women’s handbags. Let us see where we can see Chloe handbags in Dubai and what else are worth knowing about them.

Chloe was debuting in Paris as early as in 1921 when Gaby Aghion, emigrated from Egypt was catapulting her first collection to become one of the highest ranked garments of the market at that time. Aghion was always concentrating on making elegant pre-a-porter for women, who have just started to work, which means that the market has become wider for those elegant garments which could be worn every day and not only for the special occasions and balls. In fact, it was Chloe, which revolutionalised the whole Paris fashion scene with the prêt-a-porter, as before; there was only haute couture, when it came to first-class fashion designs for women. This affected the whole fashion world and the other Paris elite fashion houses have soon came out with their first prêt-a-porter collections, after the success of Chloe being the very first to do so. Today, we can put Chloe in two fashion categories: “Ready-to-wear” and the so-called “Resort” fashion categories. Resort is a great fashion category that makes lots of space for designers to come out with especially beautiful, colourful creations for the Holiday-Wear, when people feel good and they want to shine every evening.

One of the main segments of Chloe today is their segment of Accessories, especially their handbags that are diverse, extremely stylish and for a relatively low price; they bring the style and feeling of Chloe for their wearers. The collection of Chloe handbags is extremely wide, starting from small colourful pieces, going up to the extra large leather creations. The prices of Chloe handbags range between AED 750 up to AED 7500. This means that these great creations are available for a much wider class of buyers than the creation of other high profile brands.

Chloe handbags are extremely stylish and fashionable, in the same time they remain also classy and beautiful regardless of trends. If you get to see this season’s Chloe collections of handbags, you will see that the effect of the Fifties and the “Vintage” has also affected the beautiful creations of Chloe. Their bags, especially their Marcie and Aurore collections could go finely with any movie playing in the Fifties era. They are nonetheless beautiful and the touch of the older times just makes them even more classy. Chloe loves beige and camel colours in its handbags, which also deliver an eternal flavour of trendiness in its handbags. In Dubai, you can find Chloe bags in the Harvey Nichols, being part of the Mall of the Emirates and in the Saks Fifth Avenue, being part of the BurJuman Shopping Mall. The label store of Chloe is located in the Dubai Mall.

Chloe handbags are more than worth buying in Dubai, as their prize is often much more attractive over here in the Emirates than in other countries. This is because Dubai offers all goods for a tax-free price. When you happen to be in Dubai wintertime or summertime, check out the date of the yearly winter and summer shopping festivals for greater discounts.

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