DAMAC Heights

Following the path of Manhattan in New York, now Dubai can be with all the reasons called the skyscraper city. Among the soon-to-be-ready skyscraper wonders of Dubai there is one special skyscraper named DAMAC Heights that is worth mentioning. DAMAC Heights will also be situated in the Dubai Marina district of Dubai, as part of the Jumeirah region.

Dubai, in the last decade has made tremendous efforts to stay on top in commercial areas, having the best sites, best attractions and facilities, the highest buildings, the most exclusive hotels in the whole world. To be the best in tourism and in the real-estate business at the same time, as currently these are the two highest-earning industries providing a good income for the connecting business branches such as the industries of hospitality and entertainment, is indeed tough.

DAMAC Heights, also known as Ocean Heights 2, in its name reflects its developers the DAMAC Company that is also about to complete Ocean Heights 1. This is situated in the area of Dubai Marina as well. Dubai Marina is soon to host an all-complete skyscraper jungle, which will be the biggest and the highest in the whole world.

When looking at the designs of DAMAC Heights, you will see a huge Arabic sword–looking surreal structure, which will interestingly not be aiming straight upwards, but will have a certain curve in it going all along the frame of the building. As is planned, the height of DAMAC Heights will be around four hundred–twenty meters, which, if constructed will be the highest building of Dubai Marina, together with the huge Pentominium, which by far is the central building of this enormous seaside complex. DAMAC Heights will also specifically construct to give a magnificent view from its apartments to the nearby Dubai Palm island complex.

Dubai Marina, which was started to constructions from 2003, and going on with incredible speed ever since, will be one of the most famous residence complex all around Dubai. It has a brilliant location, by the Jumeirah Beach and next to the Sheikh Zayed Road, being the main road of Dubai and becoming its main highways E11 out of the city. The area where now Dubai Marina and the Jumeirah Lake Towers complexes lie, together with the Palms artificial island complex is now called the New Dubai area within Dubai. The huge complex, with such towers as the Pentominium, Ocean Heights and DAMAC Heights, Infinity, Sulafa and Saba towers, the latter being the very first to be completed building of Dubai Marina is constructed to be able to host most than hundred thousand people, which equals the population of a bigger town elsewhere in the world.

DAMAC Heights, due to its planned outlook and size, has earned much attention by far among tourists, professional architects and the ones who are planning to buy a real-estate in such a great and unique building, as DAMAC Heights will be, in the area of Dubai Marina, with its canals and gulf-lake offering all the luxury one needs.

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