Discovering The Popular Meena Bazaar

Millions of tourists from all over the world visit Dubai every year to experience the best shopping opportunity here. The entire city provides the feeling of a huge shopping mall due to hundreds of its marketplaces that are scattered everywhere in the city and Meena Bazaar is one such huge shopping place. The low import duties are the main features that make shopping at Dubai an affordable and worthwhile move. The thrill of shopping increases even more at Meena Bazaar, where you get low costs on stuff than in many other countries. This attracts tourists to the city and they come here not only from Indian Subcontinent or Europe, but from the Fareast, Western Europe and South Africa as well.

The open souks and air-conditioned malls Dubai offers one of a kind and stress free shopping experience. The variety of valuable stuff available here ranges from fabulous perfume choices to finest Asian clothes, highest quality silver and gold jewelry, home appliance, high-tech technology gadgets and much more. You can find whatever your heart desires at Meena Bazaar here. It can be found near Khalid Bin Waleed Street and contains a wide variety of finest textile shops that offer stuff from silk like Chiffons, Burberry, metallic net cottons and several other embroidered textiles. Prices differ greatly from shop to shop but you can easily make use of your bargaining power to lower the costs of items. If you do not know the tactics of bargaining at Meena Bazaar then you might end up paying a much bigger cost for an ordinary cheap item.

Meena Bazaar is the most interesting place to check out if you desire to experience the part of Dubai that is filled with life and joy. There is always the noise of automobile horns at this area mixed with the voices of people who are always bargaining for getting the best prices. The decorative bright lights of shops to make the stuff more attractive will provide you a feeling of daylight even at night at Meena Bazaar. That is why visitors are recommended to visit the bazaar during early evening hours to experience its busy street life as well. As you stroll around Meena Bazaar and check out the exposed goods here, the stuff will enchant you easily.

The road to Meena Bazaar contains several twists and turns which makes it a difficult place to reach but you can take a cab to reach here as the taxi drivers are very well aware of this place for the fact that it is among the most popular destinations in Dubai. It is better to hire a taxi to get into the Meena Bazaar area because if you take your own car then finding a parking space will be extremely difficult for you. If you are willing to find the traditional wedding garments and jewellery from India, then this is the right place for you. You will also locate several watch repair shops here as well. Overall, Meena Bazaar is the most interesting place to visit for all those who wish to check out the exciting Indian street life.

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