DKNY Shops in Dubai

DKNY is representing the more economical line of Donna Karan, targeting the younger generation with stylish, trendy yet elegant collections for women, men and children. DKNY has several stores in Dubai and it is sold in mixed brand stores too. Dubai US expats love shopping at DKNY so its time for you too to what these collections can offer for you.

Donna Karan does its best to cover all the aspects of fashion. There is no style or sort of accessories, which you would not be able to find at a DKNY store. DKNY opened shortly after the first Donna Karan New York stores, when the famous designer have seen the need to open a stylish yet more economical range, what a lot wider range of people can afford for themselves, the ones who look for a good , stylish brand for a much better price. DKNY aims the younger generation of women, yet everyone can find a great fitting item in its stores. Branded accessories, like their handbags, leather goods, footwear and sunglasses are widely sold in several mixed brand stores too. DKNY is not present in Europe as its Spanish and Italian rivals have mainly taken its place with their competitive prices. DKNY’s new goal is to get to the huger than huge Asian market with its collections. DKNY has opened its first store in Dubai along with its sister brand Donna Karan New York a couple of years ago.

DKNY has released its first fragrance with great success several years ago, ever since it has released many more perfumes for both men and women. Although its fashion lines are not exactly for Muslim women, they also often go to DKNY stores to get some beautiful scarves, coats and other accessories. The non-Muslim expats are all happy to get to any DKNY store, especially during the sales period, out of which the first starts in the summer and the second stars in the midwinter season. The jeans line is very popular and separate jeans stores exist out of which we can also find in Dubai. DKNY also has a very elegant home collection featuring all sorts of textiles, including curtains, linen and other useful things and decoration in your home.

In Dubai, DKNY is famous especially for its accessories, footwear and casual wear in Dubai. Its men’s collections and men’s accessories are very frequently bought too. DKNY collections are featured in the Saks Fifth Avenue, which can be found in the BurJuman Shopping Mall and in the Bloomindales in the Dubai Mall. Separate DKNY stores can be found in the Mall of the Emirates, in the Dubai Festival City and in the Deira City Centre too.

DKNY is a great brand to buy, no matter its about dresses, fragrance or accessories especially because each DKNY item is eternally stylish and not exactly connected to yearly trends this way. If you are in Dubai and like to have a good casual wear shop you can spend half of your day, then do not hesitate to visit one of the DKNY stores in the Emirate.

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