Dubai Fashion Fiesta

Dubai Fashion Fiesta is held yearly as part of the Dubai Summer Surprises. Dubai Fashion Fiesta takes place in the end of July at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Surely, this is a not-to-miss show!

Dubai launches a couple of campaigns during the Dubai Summer Surprises. One of the campaigns is named Big Fun for Little Ones. Then, there is the jewellery related campaign called: “All that glitters is Gold” and then comes Dubai Fashion Fiesta as one top event of the summer chain of events.

With the organization of Dubai Fashion Fiesta, Dubai wants to emphasis on finding and at the same time profiting from the local talents of fashion designing. During these great shows, many young designers get the chance to represent their collection of dresses or accessories, and the one who gets vote for having the best dresses gets the award called: Top Aspiring Fashion Designer’s Award.

Emirates Vision and Dubai Design Council, along with Dubai Summer Surprises, support the event. The founder of this event is John Matthew, working as the managing director of Emirates Vision, being one co-company of the huge Emirates Airlines. His idea was originally to make such an intercultural event, where everyone gets the chance to represent his or her works, of course with a higher emphasis on local talent. Fashion is one of the best and nicest ways to bring different cultures together, as fashion itself is a mixture that is inspired by the folklore and tradition of different cultures.

We do not know much about fashion designers of the Arabic world. However, more and more Arabic designers are getting the chance to represent their collections at various international events. Turkish designers are also coming up; Turkey in the recent years has given many great fashion designers to the world. Dubai Fashion Fiesta is a great bridge between designers and retailers, who mainly bring the materials. Material is the key of designing, and Arabic world is very famous for all its beautiful and quality materials.

The local traditional wear inspires the Arabic way of fashion designing, represented with a hint of West. These beautiful collections are all a must-see! The different segments of the shows include Haute Couture shows, Prêt a Porter shows, followed by Evening and Bride shows. One segment also represents a great collection of local ethnic fashion, such as beautiful kaftans and other wear suitable to wear for Muslim women. Then portray the representation of diverse accessories, such as shoes, handbags, jewellery, and headwear.

An important part of the Dubai Fashion Fiesta is the exhibition part of the event, which is in real like a big fashion retail fare. Here, businesspersons get the chance to negotiate or to get in touch with the designers or by any chance with the public.

The first Dubai Fashion Fiesta was held in 2007. The next event represented more than 50 local fashion designers, together with around twenty international fashion designers. The great thing in Dubai Fashion Fiesta is that Dubai women fashion designers also get the chance to represent their works.

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