Dubai Meydan City

If you have been to Dubai, you might have heard of Dubai people loving for all sorts of horseracing and championships. Lately, Dubai has indeed become the Middle Eastern centre of horse championship, out of which Dubai holds many each year. Meydan City is a unique centre, which is soon to be ready in the middle of Dubai. The Meydan is currently the biggest and nicest racecourse of Dubai. In addition, Dubai thought to combine this quality with residences, hotels and shops. The idea went into execution, so the Meydan City will be soon welcome new residents of the horse keeping society to live and deal with their horses there.

The Arabic horse keeping has long traditions in the Middle East, and although the horse transportation was prohibited till the Nineties’, yet Dubai has finally managed to step on the international horseracing scene, where it stays among the first countries ever since. Dubai’s emperor Sheikh Al Maktoum has the best stable in the world, with carefully selected horses.

The Meydan City and Racecourse was also the idea of Dubai’s Sheikh, who is open to the new and worldwide unique installations. Ever since, Meydan Racecourse is operating in the place where the worldwide tournaments were held, all of which brings hundreds of horse lovers to Dubai from all around the world. That is why the idea of making a complex as part of the racecourse has come up.

The Meydan complex has various segments: the Meydan Racecourse, the Metropolis, the Horizons and the Godolphin Parks, referring to the best stable of the world, owned by the Sheikh, the Godolphin Stables. The Meydan Racecourse is the actual place of the stables and the racecourses itself. It lies on a huge area, which includes the Grandstand main racecourse together with the Meydan Hotel and a huge parking place. The Grandstand occupies 120,000 viewers.

The Meydan Metropolis of Meydan City is the residence area and business district of the complex. It will include living space for more than 200 thousand people. The Horizons part of the Meydan City complex will be the Marina Part of the Meydan City. It will include high-tech ultramodern buildings it will be full of skyscrapers and several architectural wonders. It has plans to support the green way of life, and planned to be full of bicycle lanes and pedestrian areas. Moreover, the final part the Godolphin Parks is a specially designed living and residence area that has plans to include a river inside, on the shores of which the apartments will be located.

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