Entertainment at the Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium is a best place to enjoy your day in Dubai with your family. You can educate about dolphins by visiting Dubai Dolphinarium. The mission of the dolphinarium is the conservation and protection of sea animals. The dolphinarium encourages young people to protect the sea animals from external needs and threats. It offers workshops of 45 minutes, gym class, art session, and 3 classes of marine education. It is a perfect place for events and parties such as cocktail receptions, dinners, themed weddings, environmental exhibitions, birthday parties, and corporate events. This facility provides education, entertainment and knowledge about these marine animals.

The dolphinarium in Dubai is project supported and sponsored by the local government. It provides you with seats of cinema quality with background music during the live shows of seals and dolphins. There are 1200 seats in the dolphinarium. This is the first indoor fully air-conditioned dolphinarium in Middle East. Kids above two years require entry tickets. Seats are not allowed for children below 2 years of age. The gate of the dolphinarium is open 45 minutes before each show. The seats are allotted on first come first serve basis. You should not carry any eatables into the auditorium.

Dubai Dolphinarium does not have shows on Sundays. The dolphins have a private habitat pool which consists of 600,000 liters of sea water linked to the main pool. The training area consists of three pools. For the safety and health of the marine animals in the dolphinarium, you can find a separate pool enclosure for seals, and a medical pool. Happy Valley restaurant in dolphinarium provides great varieties of cuisine to the visitors of dolphinarium. Over 60 employees are there in the dolphinarium to serve its visitors. You should follow the instructions of the trainers while in contact with these animals.

At the Dolphinarium, you can experience the thrill of 5D-cinema. Enjoy watching movies at 5D cinema in the dolphinarium. The visitors can enjoy 5D cinema only by spending AED 15. The visitors can feel the happenings on the cinema screen as it is happening in real life. You can enjoy the movies on a different level because of the special effects such as fog, rain, odor, wind, leg tickling, and wind. The 3D image of the movie is accompanied by special effects which includes simulating movements that enable the spectators to rotate right and left, sudden drop down, throwing upwards, flying to space, car race, spiders in dark, diving, and escape from bats.

The 5D cinema in Dubai Dolphinarium combines 3D vision with 3D glasses and 4D special effects seats. High technology is used in 5D Cinema which makes movie watching enjoyable and entertaining. The 5D cinema has digital sound system that produces sound of very high quality. The 5D cinema movies are programmed by a computer. The computed controls the movie by setting the time for executing movements like making sound, spraying scents, and other special effects in the movie. Enjoy a 5D movie at Dubai Dolphinarium with your family!

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