Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets

Dubai Dolphinarium offers several programs and shows for its visitors. The dolphin/seal show in Dubai Dolphinarium brings smile on the faces of your family. The dolphin/seal show will take around 45 minutes. The dress code should be followed while inside the Dolphinarium as it is a public place. The authority of the dolphinarium has the right to reject the entry of individuals who are not following their code of conduct. The ticket for various shows is available both in person and through online. The prices for the tickets may chance without any previous notice.

You can provide credit cards for payment, and the cards accepted are MasterCard, JCB, and Visa. If you have made a payment using VISA card, then the regular seats will be upgraded as VIP seats. The seats are allotted on a first come first serve basis. Kids above the age of 2 require entry tickets. Infants and kids below 2 years are free to enter the auditorium, but separate seats are not allowed. The gates of the auditorium will be open 45 minutes before every show. If you are an adult, then you cannot participate in the educational sessions for children.

The children should be 6 years in order to participate in the education programs offered by the Dubai Dolphinarium. The bookings for each show will not be confirmed until complete payment is made. The dolphinarium may cancel the shows and sessions, or reschedule the shows. If you have not received confirmation for your booking through online, then you can contact the authority through email. The ticket prices will vary according to the seating arrangement. The ticket prices for VIP seating is AED 120 per adult, and AED 80 per child. Standard seating is AED 100 per adult and AED 50 per child.

For a group of more than 50 people, there will be discount of 20% which is applicable from Monday through Sunday excluding on Friday show of 11am. During the academic year from September to June, children can take park in the educational programs offered by the Dolphinarium after the shows. School should book in advance to make sure that there are enough seats for the children. One teacher can enter the auditorium for free for every ten students. For public Schools, the ticket prices for adult are AED 50 and child is AED 20. In case of private schools, the ticket prices per adult are AED 50 and child is AED 30. Summer schools have to pay AED 75 for adult and AED 45 for child.

If you need professional photographs with seals and dolphin, then you have to pay money. The ticket prices vary depending on the pose with the mammals such as AED 120, 90, and 80. The ticket prices for private session with dolphins are AED 2,100 which is up to three persons. Each additional person in a private session has to pay AED 550. Mixed session for up to six people charges AED 550 per person. The 11am shows of Monday and Friday offer discounted rates such as AED 50 per adult and AED 30 per child.

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