Dolphinarium of Dubai

Dolphins are known for their friendly nature and considered as the most intelligent creature of the sea. Keeping them in local pools is the latest trend in which they have the friendly encounter with the trainers. This trend has reinforced the trainers to act professionally and bring out the entertainment factor by holding the regular shows in theme parks. Dubai has the biggest dolphin and seal exposure to the public in the entire Middle East and presents some of the unique acts that give the immense pleasure to its visitor. Dubai Dolphinarium is the place that has created this amazing scenario.

Dubai Dolphinarium is regarded as the best place to provide education and entertainment at the same time. The place is known for keeping the amazing collection of sea animals and the exciting encounter with these species of the sea. The friendly nature animals are the best source for providing entertainment to the people belonging to all age groups. The whole experience of the Dubai Dolphinarium provides the spectacular learning opportunity to explore the mammals of the sea. There are a lot of programs held to educate the children and adults regarding this beautiful aspect of nature.

One of the major achievements of the theme park is that it is controlled by the Dubai government to ensure the best facilities for the families. The indoor theme park is fully air-conditioned and provides the luxury seating to enjoy the show at its fullest. Dubai Dolphinarium is equipped with high-tech systems and the halls provide the best access to extraordinary events arranged in it. To hold the educational activities for the children the park offers magnificent classrooms and halls that can accommodate many people at a time. Dubai Dolphinarium also offers three main pools that operate for various purposes. The multimedia rooms have the best effects to create magic in public events and also help in holding the conferences.

Dubai Dolphinarium has The Happy Valley restaurant that offers delicious cuisine as well as the specific menu to full the appetite of children. Special menu can be arranged on demand for any public event to be organized. The perfect collection of marine items at the gift shop provides timeless pieces to memorize the trip for the longer period. There are restrooms to ensure the ambiance factor inside the both halls. Professional photographer in Dubai Dolphinarium is on the service to capture the unforgettable memories of the time spent with marine life and the magnificent show of the friendly dolphins.

The five different species of the dolphins gives the best encounter with this lovely creature of the nature. These dolphins display their skills with the expertise taught by their trainers. Dubai Dolphinarium works to ensure to provide the best possible services to the visitors and consequently arrange other programs such as crowns performance and puppet shows that accompany the live show of dolphins. The seals show has also received a huge amount of applause by the visitors as this sea animal has all the capacity to entertain its visitors.

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