More About the Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium is an indoor dolphinarium which is fully air-conditioned. It is the first indoor dolphinarium of Middle East. This dolphinarium is situated in the centre of Dubai city in Dubai Creek Park. The dolphinarium is located near gate number 1 of Creek Park. The major attraction of the Dubai Dolphinarium is the live show of dolphins and seals. The visitors of the dolphinarium can also swim with the dolphins. Dolphin/seal shows are available for 6 days in a week, but you can swim with the dolphins 7days in a week. The visitors can photographs of them along with these marine animals that can be cherished throughout one’s lifetime.

Dubai Dolphinarium is actually an aquarium used for keeping fishes for entertainment and educational purposes. The dolphinarium is also meant for conservation purpose. The visitors of the dolphinarium can acquire great amount of knowledge about these sea animals. Dolphins are considered as the most intelligent creatures in the marine world. The dolphins and seals at the Dubai Dolphinarium are well-accustomed and well-trained to handle huge crowd. The dolphins are kept in a huge pool known as the habitat pool. The water in the pool is similar to the water in the ocean, so that the dolphins can survive in the new surroundings.

The auditorium has 1,200 cinema quality seats with surround sound. There are three training pools for the dolphins, a medical pool, and a pool for seals. The dolphinarium offers educational programs for children. The temperature of this dolphinarium is kept at a range of 21°C to 25°C. The location of the Dubai dolphinarium is ideal for spending a day along with children as it is a part of Children’s City. One of the major attractions at the Dubai dolphinarium is dolphin and seal shows. The visitors can interact with the sea animals, and enjoy various displays and sequences presented by the marine animals.

The visitors can swim with dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium for around 25 minutes. You can cuddle and play with the dolphins, if you have enough luck. You should follow all the instructions given by the trainer of the dolphins. Seals at Dubai dolphinarium perform various displays to entertain the visitors. You have to pay money to swim with the dolphin in addition to the entry fee. According to the budget in hand, you can either go for a private session or mixed session to swim with the dolphins.

You will get enough knowledge about dolphins and seals at Dubai Dolphinarium with help of trainers or instructors. Children below the age of 5 years, people with disabilities, and sick people cannot swim with dolphins. Safety of dolphins and visitors are the top priority at the Dolphinarium. You can obtain photographs of yours posing with the dolphins by booking for a swimming session with the dolphins. Ticket prices vary depending on the seating arrangement at the dolphinarium. If you are interested in VIP seating, then you have to pay more than the standard type of seating. You can avail discount of up to 20%, if you are booking tickets for a group of people.

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