MasterCard Dubai

Mastercard is today the largest credit and debit card issuing financial services corporation. Mastercard is headquartered in New York, United States. The most important feature of Mastercard is, that it does not directly sell its cards but through almost every banks in the world. Mastercard has more than 20 different types of debit, credit and prepaid cards tailored to everyone’s need depending on one’s value of credit. In Dubai Mastercard is highly used by basically every Dubai banks.

MasterCard Dubai works the same way as Mastercard works all over the world. More than 25.000 banks promote and issue MasterCard. MasterCard has created the Maestro and Cirrus systems in order to become the biggest online money processing systems in the world. Needless to say, that the biggest rival of MasterCard is Visa. The company was founded in 1966 in Louisville Kentucky and has come a long way since then. Upon its founding, the electronic money-processing still counted as new and the system, together with its card method and card accepting devices the ATMs out of which there are thousands all over the world. Today there are no banks which wouldn’t offer more types of Mastercard’s bank cards, depending on the credited person’s average monthly income. The biggest is your income the higher value of credit card can you get. The debit system still does count new in Dubai although credit cards are already widely used on the internet. Dubai has been starting with the implementation of MasterCard’s new PayPass tap and go system which means that you don’t have to go through the regular card payment office; just wave your card in front of a card reading system. Today this method enjoys a priority and the newest technologies brought the system in to the installed on mobile phones as the primary gadget everyone would like to hold.

Mastercard’s new telecommunications network is called Banknet and this system connects every MasterCard issuing banks and financial institutions all around the world. According to many Mastercard’s overall network is better than the one of VISA because its network is a peer-to-peer network transferring transactions directly to the endpoint with the navigation of Mastercard’s regional or national network. There are many independent, European organizations that are against the duopoly of Mastercard and Visa, but as of today, these are the two mostly used networks also by Dubai banks. RAK Bank, which is considered one of the top banks of the UAE, offers the following MasterCard: Titanium MasterCard credit, Standard MasterCard credit, NMC MasterCard credit card. Other Dubai banks such as Mashreq, HDFC Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank or Noor Islamic Bank offer various credit and debit card options too with Maestro system the most generally. Mastercard offers several surprises to its holders in Dubai. First of all there are several extras and when Mastercard in Dubai too where you can get either free tickets to Big Bus or always other attractions, you can get some great dining discounts, up to 40% discount, or you can gain free access to the quality airport lounges with it.

The Dubai office of MasterCard can be found on the Sheikh Zayed Road in the Dubai Internet City. In Dubai, the prepaid and debit cards of Mastercard have a growing success for everyone with bank account to make payments easier and when possible a lot more rewarding experience.

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