Exciting Desert Tours in Dubai

Dubai Desert Tours

When in Dubai, it is means really no problem to find the Dubai desert. Thanks to its location and its geographical and climate features, the huge Dubai desert inhabits most area of Dubai.

The Dubai desert can be especially entertaining for those who have not been to any Northern African desert safaris yet. Every countries touristic offer differs slightly, but this attraction is the most interesting and entertaining, when tried for the very first time. The Dubai desert lies just outside the city, so it takes a short time to get there.

As every country with desert, Dubai in the United Arabic Emirates is also trying their best to make good business out of its deserted areas, which is completely understandable, as there areas are mostly very infertile, without water, making it almost impossible to live there or to make any other investments there. Therefore, the main income made out of Dubai desert is mostly due to the tourism and the related services. Another good income is the regular events held in the Dubai desert, inviting many tourists to travel to Dubai such as the famous Dubai Desert Classic Golf Cup and the popular Dubai Desert Rock Festival.

Apart of these programmes, the main ways to profit from the Dubai desert is the organization of various types of safaris, bringing tourists to the Dubai desert by car. They can see the unbelievably beautiful running-sand dunes, to dress themselves in the beautiful colourful, mostly sky-blue traditional dresses of the nomad called Touaregs. They can know about the lives of Touaregs or Bedouins, can be called on any name, being the same nomad people, living in the desert. The topping of each event is a tasty meal mostly made by the guide himself on fire.

These safari tours are diverse, safari tours ranging between 2 hours and 2 day-long tours, the latter including an overnight spent in the desert in one of the Touareg tents. Here, the main programme of the tour is definitely the evening –time, enjoying a tasty dinner, then smoking the “chicha” water pipe and possibly enjoying some sort of presentation from singing with the guide to belly-dancing productions.

To talk about the trademarks of the Arabic world, one has to mention about the “Chicha”. The always-popular water pipe seen all over the Arabic countries being one trademark of the traditional Arabic world. The other trademark of the Arabic world is the camel.

Safaris also give a many chances to take photos of the Dunes, the traditional Touareg tents in the desert and of the camels of the desert, usually provided by the actual tour organizers. As we know camels and desert come together, so camels mostly represented during a safari. The riding on the “boat of the desert” is really a unique experience! There are also regular camel races held in the Dubai Desert to the collective happiness of the locals, which also tourists can watch. Newly organized safaris even contain the trying of a new sport, called the sand surfing!

Local attractions include a visit to the well-known Al Ain Oasis, which was one important stop of the people who used to go long distances in the desert, mostly accompanied only by their camels. Al Ain Oasis today surrounds by the growing city of Al Ain, which is now the fourth biggest city of the Emirates, also offers various cultural or historical attractions. The Hili Fun City Fun Park, another well-known attraction in the area is also a good entertaining complex.

The best time to visit the Dubai desert is either the autumn or spring, as summer is too hot; the winter is too cold in the desert. Choose the tour organizer carefully! Many will want to persuade you to pay them for a safari on the street. Most of these might fool you or even rob you out! Trust only the offers of the accredited travel agencies or those who you find at a travel forum with a good number of recommendations.

When in Desert, do not forget to choose a good sun filter during the day and take a pullover with you for the evening. If possible, do not sleep over without enough warm clothes because you can easily catch cold. Always take a bottle of water with you. If you take these precautions, you can have the best time of your life in the Dubai desert!

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