Getting Face Lift in Dubai

Face–lift is a common method long ago, when it comes to trying to erase most of the signs of the aging off the face. We all know aging is a natural matter, but some cannot afford or simply do not want to be seen old. In the world of aesthetic surgery, today there are dozens of methods to fight the signs of aging, no matter in which age group you are in. In Dubai, several clinics use the latest inventions of aesthetic surgery, for performing successful face-lifts on patients. We enlist a couple of the most common sorts of facelifts, together with the Dubai clinics that perform them the best today.

Face-lift is one of the most popular sorts of operations in the world of aesthetic surgery. Most commonly this is a complex treatment, which also includes eyelid and eyebrow lifting, chin reshaping and sometimes even more. Today, there are four common methods of face-lifting performed by plastic surgeons, which include: Face-lift (overall), Mini face-lift, Midface lift, Forehead lift.

1.) Face-lift: this includes the overall treatment commonly wanted over 45 years of age. As said above, the treatment is mostly the complex of other treatments that also can be ordered independently. Face-lift is to make the skin fresher and to minimise the wrinkles. This is a fairly expensive treatment with a longer healing period. Patients who do face-lift in Dubai are not suggested to travel back home before at least 1.5-2 weeks’ time.

2.) Mini Facelift : Mini face lift is often asked by those 35-40 year old women who work in such industry where they simply can’t afford to seem older and also by those who simply want to look younger. Mini facelift aims to erase the first visible signs of aging, making the skin fresher and basically wrinkle-less.

3.) Mid-face lift is aiming to make the mid-face skin fresher, especially aiming to remove minic wrinkles around the mouth and around the nose area. This is a smaller operation and requires a shorter healing time.

4.) Forehead–lift: one of the most common sorts of facelifts is to erase the wrinkles from the forehead, where most commonly the first wisible wrinkles are created. This operation is often done together with eye-brow lifting operations.

Face lift includes techniques to remove fat from unwanted area,which is called „liposculpturing” and muscle tightening techniques with the removal of excess skin. Face-lift generally also includes the neck area, which is mostly the most sensitive to aging.

All of Dubai’s well-known surgeons deal with and offer all the above mentioned face-lifting surgeries. Some o those who we can suggest include Cocoona, London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery ( which often uses their own patented methods such as MACS face-lift), Dubai Surgery which includes some great surgeons, which all operate from their respective hospitals and ABSMC ( American British Surgical and Medical Centre) which has many of Hollywood’s most celebrated aesthetic surgeons in its staff.

No matter which surgery of the above you choose, always make sure you choose a clinic, where both your future surgeon and staff is helpful and speaks your language. Make sure all the operation is talked through and that you are informed on all pre and post operation procedures , effects and post operation syndromes. In Dubai, these upper mentioned clinics belong to the best ones and more often than not, you can expect impeccable service in each one of them. However, if you choose to go to another , less known surgeon, make sure you know all about him/her and that the operation will be done within a medical institute by a doctor and staff who is properly qualified and can show you quality testimonials as well. No matter how you decide, the level of aesthetic surgery clinics today is really high and this is only getting better, paired up with competent rates.

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