Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel

The Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel is part of the large Ibn Battuta Mall, a shopping mall located in Bur Dubai, one of the most beautiful parts of Dubai. The Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel, just like the whole shopping centre looks just like as it would come straight from a fairy tale, which makes it ideal for holiday and for leisure, not to mention those who love shopping!

Ibn Battuta Gate is a huge hotel with quite a unique shape, which makes it look lovely and mysterious at the same time. The huge Swiss Hotel chain, called the Mövenpick Hotel Group, a group that has luxury hotels all over the world, owns the hotel. In fact, the Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel is among the most popular luxury hotels in Dubai.

Let us mention the surroundings of the hotel and let us say a few words about the Ibn Battuta Mall itself now: The Bur Dubai could be well seen as the medieval centre of Dubai. However, because Dubai is a very young city, so the oldest streets in town, the streets of Al Bastakiya, in Bur Dubai are not much more than fifty years old. The Bur Dubai is the Medina or old town centre of Dubai, standing right next to the picturesque Dubai Creek, the main canal of Dubai, giving place to the most entertaining part of Dubai, full of bars, restaurants. The great district also houses the huge Dubai Museum that can be found in the oldest building of Dubai. The Bur Dubai part of Dubai is among the most famous attractions of the metropolis. Paired with the oppositely located Deira’s old traditional souk quarter, this is an ever-flourishing part of the huge city that is always worth visiting.

To start with, a few words about the Ibn Battuta Mall, this is probably the unique looking shopping mall in the world. The alone standing looks and qualities of the Ibn Battuta Mall makes it not only an ordinary shopping centre but one of the most colourful attractions of Dubai. The secret lies in its designs. The Ibn Battuta Mall is named after the world famous Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta who was famously the first man in the world ever to draw a realistic map of Dubai. The huge shopping mall is divided into segments. There are five segments and each five has been dedicated to reflect a culture, by all means, in their looks and style. This way, with a short walk, you can walk on the streets of Sevilla, dropping to Shanghai, make an excursion to the Moorish Persian quarter and end up with the all-luxurious Emirates segment. For the building of the Ibn Battuta Mall, so much energy and fantasy was used that in any way you would want to see this masterpiece.

Moreover, Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel is right in the middle of the large shopping mall, the interiors of this Dubai hotel make a very elegant mixture of the traditional Arabic and the brand new and modern Swiss styles. The Ibn Battuta Gate hotel is a large hotel, having nearly 500 rooms and offering various discounts all year long! There are shuttles taking guests to the private beach of Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel, called Oceana Beach Club on the Jumeirah Beach.

The Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel has several catering facilities with great representation of international cuisines ranging from Chinese to the Moroccan specialities, as well as a hi-tech business and convention centre, being prepared for the reception of corporate guests as well. The hotel’s beautiful Spa beauty and Wellness centre is opening very soon as well. The Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel is really hotel where you should stay a few nights; it is fantastic with its looks, services and in its situation as well.

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