Jumeirah Beach Centre

If you are in Dubai as a tourist, then for sure you will soon learn more about Jumeirah Beach Road which gives place to many attractions and also, it’s the main beachside road of Dubai, full of shopping attractions and the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque is also located along it. Along Jumeirah Road lies the Jumeirah Beach Centre, which is one of the smaller shopping centres, which is popular for tourists, who would like to look around here before, after or during the visiting of the Public Beach, which is just behind Jumeirah Beach Centre.

Let us see what makes Jumeirah Beach Centre popular and what is worth knowing about this shopping mall of Dubai. Let us start with getting to know more about the beautiful Jumeirah Beach Road at first. Jumeirah Road is one of the longest roads of Dubai and it is the closest beachside main road of Dubai. The Jumeirah Road starts up from the beautiful Madinat Jumeirah and it ends in Bur Dubai as it reaches the soon-to-be-ready Dubai Maritime City. The most important sites to see along Jumeirah Road include the huge Jumeirah Beach Hotel with the Wild Wadi water theme park, the Saed Bin Huzeim Mosque, the Munawarrah Masjid with the Abdallah Mieih Mosque, the Miraj Islamic Art Centre. Right behind it is the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque, being the second largest mosque of Dubai and being one of very few mosques in the whole world that have guided tours inside for non-Muslims, to learn about the Muslim faith. You can also get to see the huge Jumeirah Beach Park and the Dubai Zoo alongside the Jumeirah Road that is definitely the most often visited roads of Dubai by tourists. The most important shopping mall of the area is definitely the Mercato Mall which stands out of the crowd, with its outlook and interiors inspired by the Italian renaissance and it looks like a beautiful Italian castle and this makes it a must see attraction of Jumeirah Road for sure.

Right after Dubai Zoo comes the row of the smaller shopping malls of Jumeirah, starting with the Jumeirah Beach Centre, which is followed by the Century Mall, the Village Mall, and the Reef Mall closing the row with the Dhiyafa shopping mall. The road is definitely too long to take on foot, so we suggest you to take a taxi while doing your excursion in Jumeirah. Jumeirah Beach Centre is a quite small shopping mall and as it is located in the most popular touristic area of Dubai, it has several label boutiques and useful services such as laundry, pharmacy, fitness and spa. The Jumeirah Beach Centre has some great hairdressers, which also includes children’s hairdressers. We can also highlight the optical services of Jumeirah Beach Centre by Yatem Opticians; the mall also has a cyber café for those who don’t own internet. The specialty and special label stores within the Jumeirah Beach Centre include Bossini, Dubai Desert Extreme, which is a great sports store. The centre also has a Sports House, a Party Zone and kids to teens store. The food corner offers some nice local specialties and great coffees for its visitors.

Overall, Jumeirah Beach Centre is a great community and family oriented small shopping mall, which means that you can find here every practical things you are looking for but if you are looking for the glitz and glamour of Dubai downtown then it is not the mall for you. In addition, Jumeirah Beach Centre is great for making your daily shopping in case you are staying in one of the nearby apartotels.

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