Kite Surfing in Dubai

To its great success everywhere in the world, kite surfing in Dubai is also highly popular among those who would like to try a little more adventurous sport, while staying in this beautiful city. Kite surfing in Dubai has wide possibilities to enjoy.

First, let us talk about kite surfing as a sport, as some might not know what this kite surfing is. Kite surfing is a combination of waterskiing, windsurfing and paragliding. It is becoming more and more recognized as a mixed water sport. There are several national and international competitions on kite surfing. In other words, kite surfing is also a beautiful sport that one should really try. There is nothing more beautiful than sailing on the water first, then in the air. However, you must be strong enough to hold on to your surf, but due to the much security, Kite surfing is much easier to do than it might seem.

Kite surfing in Dubai and in the whole United Arab Emirates has gained much fame and attention. There are several competitions held all around the United Arab Emirates, including Oman and Abu Dhabi too. Regarding Dubai, there are various opportunities for you to try kite surfing in Dubai. In addition, if you are a beginner, who has not tried kite surfing at all, then you do not need to worry, as there are many kite surfing schools all around town teaching one from the beginning.

Schools for kite surfing in Dubai include the Kite Surfing Club, Kite Fly Club, Duco Maritime and we could go on. All these schools are on the seaside of Dubai, namely the Jumeirah Beach. This beach gives home to most of the water sports in Dubai, but if you want to go out of the downtown area, to try kite surfing in Dubai, you can also go for the Jebel Ali Resort that offers teaching and possibilities to try several water sports as well, including windsurfing or diving. The difficulty in kite surfing is that you need the whole apparatus to try it. Therefore, there are limitations on places where you can try it. However, if you feel like trying something different, and have some base in surfing, then kite surfing in Dubai is just the sport for you.

Other famous water sports of Dubai include waterskiing, scuba diving and windsurfing. You can freely exercise all the above-mentioned sports at any beach resort or beach area. Nevertheless, do not forget to ask on the rates first, as they are diverse in each place. Try a good Kite Surfing club first, and ask about the security requirements, must-dos, and must-haves before starting kite surfing. Eventually you might need your own kite surfing board or kite-board, but as these are not easy to carry everywhere, you can rent one during your learning time.

You do not even need to go and look for chances on trying or learning kite surfing in Dubai; you can find the chances very easily when walking on the beachside. You can also ask for some more information on kite surfing in Dubai at your hotel.

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