Medical Insurance by Dubai’s Largest Providers

We do not make difference between medical insurance and health insurances; they mean the same only they are featured under a different name. Medical insurance is the insurance, which is to cover all sorts of medical costs in case of both illness and an accident. Basic insurance plans all have their medical insurance segment; this also includes the travel insurances and some life or personal insurance packages too.

Medical insurances are often meant to be corporate insurances and most of them offer these plans only for companies. Medical insurance is really diverse, can give you worldwide or only emirate coverage and their sum changes according to the number of persons insured. According to the new law of Dubai, an employee must be insured by the employer as an obligatory action. Medical Insurance packages of this sort require one insured sum on behalf of the company who deals with each employee’s insurance. This law will start to get implemented from next year.

Salama Insurance Company offers its medical insurance named Health Takaful. The Health Takaful can be MedNet Plan or Arig Nas Plan. Under the MedNet Plan there are 8 different sorts of medical insurances depending on the coverage in terms of money and in terms of territory. All these 8 insurances can include maternity and dental insurances upon request. There are different plans and rates for companies with 3-4, 5-10 and from 11 employees. These medical insurance plans, including the ARIG NAS insurances all offer private hospitalisation. As insurances are non-taxable, in real the employers do not need to invest too much in the Medical Insurance.

As for Al Ittihad Al Watani’s offers, they cover the Medical Insurance with their Personal Insurance package. Other insurance companies as Al Nabooda offer great packages medical insurance both for individuals and for companies too. The International insurance companies such as AXA or Allianz have complex medical insurance plans. Axa has its Middle Eastern Centre in Lebanon and branch offices in Dubai too. Axa offers different sorts of medical insurances in Dubai, including the corporate and individual insurances, other medial insurance types of Axa include the Axa prevention, the Axa Health Coaching plans. Axa offers also MedNet insurances, just like Salama. Axa’s different medical insurance plans include the Ambulatory plan, the Prescription Medicine Benefit Plan or the Medican Consultation Coverage. All these medical insurances are connected to the network of MedNet which is the primary medical network in the Middle Eastern region.

Of course, there are so many insurance companies who offer the best different medical insurances such as NEXtCare that offers the packages of Allianz all over the Middle East as the main representing bureau of the company. Daman Healthcare also offers great options when it comes to personal or cooperation insurances. If you are an expat wanting to have a good strong medical insurance, try to look a NEXtCare or an AXA Package.

There are so many different medical insurance packages in Dubai about which you mainly do not need to care, especially when it is your company who is paying it for you, yet when it comes to the changing of workplaces do not let the medical insurance get away with all the money you have saved.

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