Most Popular Sites of Dubai

When we aim to talk about all the different sites in Dubai, we need to do a little bit of diversity, as there are so many different sorts of sites in this beautiful emirate, which are really worth seeing. Let us represent some of the most interesting sites in Dubai with regards to their groupings.

Interesting or ultra-modern sites of Dubai
There are several eye-catching ultramodern sites in Dubai, thanks to the will that Dubai wants the highest number of outstanding building-wonders in the world. Visit the skyscraper jungle of the Dubai Marina, which is an interesting mixture of Monaco and Manhattan with the tallest skyscraper group standing there in the world. The Dubai Marina has been constructed greatly, containing bays, lakes and canals. It is a very interesting site, which is really worth your time. The beautiful Jumeirah Lakes Towers with the ALMAS tower are just next to the Dubai Marina. Here you can see the Gold and Silver skyscrapers, which altogether make the new centre of Gold, Silver and Diamond industry of Dubai. Visit the highest building in the world, in the centre of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa which is a wonderful site surrounded by the biggest fountain network in the world which gives a marvellous site in the evening. Just facing the Burj Khalifa you will find the largest shopping mall in the world, the Dubai Mall, where you could spend even a week.

Historical and cultural sites in Dubai
The beautiful canal of Old Dubai called Dubai Creek can find the historical and cultural sites in Dubai. Here you can visit the beautiful old part of Dubai, which can be found in the Bur Dubai and the opposite lying Deira districts. Do not miss the streets of Al Bastakiya, the oldest building of Dubai the Al Fahidi Fort with the Dubai Museum and the Dubai Heritage and Fishing Village, which revives the old traditions of Dubai locals. Then take a great water taxi and sail to Deira where you will find the old traditional souks of the town where you can buy just anything. The atmosphere of the old times can be best felt over here. The souk has several parts, like the fish the textile the perfume and the Gold souks all of which are a must-see. Feel the Indian lifestyle in the Al Rigga district.

Shopping sites in Dubai
Dubai is really the city of shopping malls and you will find the most luxurious and biggest ones over here. If you like shopping don’t miss the chance to visit the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates which also contains the most unique site of Dubai, the Dubai Ski, the inside of which you can also see from within the shopping mall.

Natural sites in Dubai
Don’t miss to take part in a great desert safari and in a Wadi tour both being the most beautiful natural excursions on offer. Especially the desert is which is very beautiful and a unique feeling making you feel as if you were in another planet. The Wadi tour takes you to the mountainous site of Dubai, with great trekking routes visiting one or more of the best-known oasis of Dubai.

Fun sites in Dubai
Most of the visitors arrive with their families and children need their fun activities of course. You will see it is really worth staying in Dubai with your family. Visit the biggest fun parks of Dubai, the great Wild Wadi water park that contains the highest number of water-fun activities and dozens of unique slides with lagoons and beautiful swimming pools. Don’t miss the chance to visit the second most popular water park of Dubai, situated on the wonderful island the Palm Jumeirah as part of the huge Atlantis the Palm Hotel.

As you see, there are so many sites in Dubai to see, that you could spend a long time in the city, if you want to see them all. Of course, there were just a few out of all the great and must-see sites in Dubai. If you plan to stay at least for a month or so, you can have also time for relax in this outstanding city.

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