Nightlife At Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills in Dubai is famous for it’s beautiful surroundings amazing golf courses and it’s first class villas. Located in the heart of New Dubai, this region is for those who love the sight of green, who love playing golf and other sports and who are up to live the healthy lifestyle. The Emirates Hills is not a centre of Dubai nightlife, but nearby there is several chances for everyone to have a great night out. Dubai nightlife’s beachside hub is located in the Jumeirah district, which is well known for its colourful tourist attractions.

Emirates Hills is among the younger living and sports district of Dubai, just facing Palm Jumeirah Island housing some prominent golf courses such as the Els and Montgomerie golf courses and its in the neighbourhood of the famous Emirates Golf Course, which houses several international golf championships yearly. It is also in the neighbourhood of the Jebel Ali racecourse so we can see that it is a highly sportive area.

Dubai nightlife plays an important role in the daily life of people over here, especially in the summer, when the air only chills in the evening. This is the best time to go around the city and look for the best place for us to admire the great atmosphere of this huge, wonderful city.

Emirates Hills has been made beautifully containing several smaller and bigger lakes in its area. Several expat couples already occupy the complex and families who have chosen to live in Dubai. The area of the Emirates Hills is perfect for evening activities as it is just facing the hub of Dubai’s nightlife, which is the  Jumeirah Beach and the Dubai Marina housing so many clubs, cafés and discos that it would indeed take many nights to get to know each one of these.

Here, in the neighbourhood of the Emirates Hills the nightlife is really flourishing. Talking about areas, which are mostly occupied by non-Dubai families, the scene is international, just like a metropolis within a metropolis. There are all sorts of ethnic and musical styles when it comes to Dubai nightlife. You can enjoy either some European or some Asian places, and then there are the several Latin and Italian style places, not to mention the Thai, Filipino and Japanese bars and restaurants you can find in here. From Indian to Lebanese, there are all sorts of nightclubs in the Dubai Marina with the Atlantis the Palm and the Souk Madinat containing some of the hippest discos in town. These are the best New Dubai sites for enjoying the great Dubai nightlife. The beautiful seaside of the Dubai Marina is packed with all sorts of bars and restaurants, so choosing will be hard over here. Only when in Dubai you can see how colourful the Dubai nightlife is.

Either you can chill out in the Buddha Bar or you can enjoy a great jazzband in the Moods bar. If you like to dance to the hot Latin tunes in the Pachanga bar, the variety is just endless. You can choose where you would like to feel yourself in England, in Mexico or in Dubai. There are several bars and pubs for the sports lovers too and for those who would like to enjoy some local gossip with their friends.

Therefore, that is why Emirates Hills is a great place in order to enjoy some great gemstones of the Dubai nightlife. Emirates hills do not have its hotel but you can rent a villa or a house there upon request. The nightlife is really an important part of Dubai culture, which you should not miss.

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