Rock Bottom Café

Rock Bottom Café is a very special place, especially in the evening, when this hotel and family place suddenly transformed to a great lively club, which in fact is one of the favourites in Dubai. Rock Bottom Café delivers live music to its guests and the great atmosphere is always guaranteed. If you feel like having a night out visit this place, for sure you will not leave disappointed.

As most of the clubs in Dubai, Rock Bottom Café can be found in one of the top Dubai hotels, which is the Regent Palace Hotel. The reason for this lies in the permission to sell alcoholic drinks or spirits, for which if you are not in a hotel, you will not have much chance in Dubai. That is why you will see the best bars, restaurants are all located in hotels, and that is why many hotels accommodate a lot more cafés, bars and restaurants than is the standard in Europe.

The Regent Palace Hotel is one elite hotel for the tourists and for the Dubai public as well, having altogether seven restaurants and cafés, which seems to be more than great for everyone to choose what he or she likes to eat. The place is originally a café and a restaurant serving mixed sort of Arabic food such as shawarma. The Regent Palace Hotel is located in one of the oldest a nicest district of Dubai called Bur Dubai famous for its renovated Medina part and of the beautiful waters of the Dubai Creek. The hotel faces the district’s brand new shopping centre, the BurJuman Shopping Centre packed with many of the most luxurious brands in the world. For this reason also, the Regent Palace Hotel is very popular, not mentioning the dozens of different services it offers for its guests from Spa to the offer of many different cuisines. The hotel has so many things to offer, in order to guarantee the perfect leisure time. So, now let us get back to the hotel’s famous Café in order to learn more about it:

Rock Bottom Café favours the Ladies, and with the sole exception of Thursday, they get not even one but two free drinks on the house! The live band plays great music and those, who would like to stay up later, can shake their body to the rhythm of electronic and different party music. Not only has the Bar nice music, but also it is very famous for its bullfrog cocktails which is made out of a blend of diverse white spirits mixed up with Red Bull making it the best party drink and a favourite for many tourists. Rock Bottom Café is not that big but it can accommodate quite a lot of people, especially when it comes to dancing deeper in the night. You will have a perfect time in the Rock Bottom Café. In case you would like to have two free drinks, then see the exact timings when the free drinks are available. These usually start from 22.00H and last roughly until one o’clock. Rock Bottom Café delivers a totally party-like atmosphere in the evening and for sure, it can easily become your favourite especially after downing a couple of bullfrog cocktails!

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