The Best Nightclubs for New Year’s Eve

Dubai is an amazing metropolis and therefore it has an extremely rich nightlife, especially in New Year’s Eve. This is because of the high number of expats of every culture and because of the tropical lying of the city, so no matter what sort of disco, nightclub or bar you are looking for, you will face an extreme variety of nightclubs both for locals and for ethnic clubs, which also welcome tourists. In this article, we would like to represent you with the current best Dubai nightclubs:

Trilogy is located within the Madinat Jumeirah and it is currently one of the most popular Dubai nightclubs for expats. The Trilogy has a distinctive Moroccan style atmosphere that makes the club even more popular. There are three levels offering different types of chilling out. This place is really a must-visit if you like going out, the music is fun and fresh, mainly electronic.

The Apartment Lounge at Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Jumeirah Beach hotel is full of Dubai nightclubs, discos and restaurants (around 20 of different hospitality settlements here). Having a great setting right by the Jumeirah Beach the hotel is the meeting point for many, who would like to have a night out. There are resident DJs here with easy-going music that is fun for more generations to dance.

Lotus One
Lotus One is located in the World Centre offering a great chilled out experience after a tiring conference or exhibition but not solely for VIP events. The place as its name says is an Asian type of hip bar with Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisine and house music. The place is part of the Lotus Hotel.

Al Pasha
Al Pasha is not just a disco, it is also a restaurant and in fact one of the most authentic Dubai nightclubs for Arabic vibes and food. The place is Lebanese; therefore, you will see it packed with Lebanese groups. The drawback of the place is that everyone must reserve a table and a table is between 5-10 people. This makes the people mainly stay in groups, so this place will not make you make new friends. The Pasha has nice programs and belly dancing venues every night. Al Pasha is located along the Airport Road in the downtown of Dubai.

This is a Parisian looking club, generally full of Lebanese. Boudoir is part of the hippest Dubai nightclubs. The music is good and the nights dedicated to different genres of music. The drink is free for women until midnight; and whenever a bottle of champagne is bought, the music stops for people to celebrate it. You must dress up elegantly and arrive in couple or in-group for the door attendants to let you in. Boudoir is located within the Dubai Marine Beach Resort Hotel.

ZINC is nowadays one of the hottest Dubai nightclubs with many-many guest stars brilliant music great looks and good drinks and company. The music is mixed disco-house-electric and the place is the trendiest meeting point of the Dubai youth. This is a place to visit! The place is part of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

These are some of the hippest nightclubs all of which are worth visiting at New Year’s Eve, but Dubai nightlife is much more colourful than that. You can find here pubs. Bars, rocker places, so do not think that local nightclubs are only playing electronic vibes.

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