The Best Stores To Buy Gold in Dubai

Dubai is world famous for its gold stores so you cannot avoid having to visit some of the great Dubai gold stores while being on vacation. The Dubai gold stores are famous for their quality goods and great customer service.

Dubai gold stores are great to visit because nowhere else will you see that big variety of all sorts of gold jewellery as in Dubai. In addition, with the gold prices being reasonable low, now it is really a great business to purchase gold jewellery in any of the good quality Dubai gold stores. The most stores is in the heart of Dubai, in a district called Deira and it’s called the Gold Souk. Deira district is located in the old town part of Dubai and it is especially famous for having the highest number of traditional souks in its area. From fish souk to perfume souk, you find everything over here but of course, the Gold Souk is the most spectacular of them all , full of all the important Dubai gold stores.

There is practically no place in Dubai where you would not find a gold jewellery of this or that kind. The shopping malls prefer the international jewellery stores but of course, there are plenty of locals as well. The Damas Jewellery, the Al Zain Jewelleries, the Al Futtaim Jewelleries, and the Seddiqi jewelleries everyone has its own specialities of what they are selling. Most of them sell international watches and jewellery. The international brand stores are mostly located in the Dubai Mall, in the Mall of the Emirates in the BurJuman Shopping Mall or in the Deira City Centre, but you will find also wide choice of Dubai gold stores in the Ibn Battuta Mall, in the Lamcy Plaza or in the huge Wafi Mall. As jewellery is among the most popular things to buy in Dubai, both for locals and for most of the tourists too, it is no wonder that there are so many jewellery stores all over the city.

In these years, Dubai was on the first place by means of jewellery selling in the world. The Dubai gold stores are just everywhere, from the airport to the hotels, you cannot get past many things without the sight of at least one jewellery store. The speciality of Dubai gold stores is the gold and diamond jewellery. Gold ranges nowadays from yellow and white to pink, rose, blue or the rarest purple gold. The other great place to buy gold is the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, which is an excellent place when you would like to shop straight from the manufacturers. Most jewelleries have their workshops in the Dubai Gold and Diamond park and as of today the number of Dubai gold stores in the Park is more than forty, which you can find in its Visitors’ Centre.

It is really worth visiting the local gold stores during your vacations. It is possible that you will find your future favourite jewellery in the City of Gold as Dubai is often called. The number of gold retailers is so high that you cannot miss them only if you want to.

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