The Secrets of Khan Murjan

Souks have been an integral part of the Arabian lifestyle for centuries. All of the major Arabian cities have one such souk that consists of all the attractive features to lure a tourist. Khan Murjan is one such souk of the 14th century that is located at the heart of Dubai. Its intricate wall designs handcrafted marble floorings and magical ceiling makes the souk extremely enchanting. The main area of Khan Murjan covers around 50,000 square feet and it comprises of a subterranean structure that spends to two levels. A diverse range of Islamic architecture at this area will enchant you.

As soon as you cross the stone staircase of Khan Murjan, you will find a maze of intricate tunnels that hide at different parts of the mysterious gloom. The souk consists of four parts; Syrian, Egyptian, Moroccan and Turkish quarters and each of these parts provides a memorable sightseeing experience. Every other piece of the beautiful marble mosaics that is carved on the door is the masterpiece of the manual works by the world’s greatest masters.

The restaurants at Khan Murjan serve the most delicious meals that are prepared from freshest authentic ingredients by world-class chefs. You will find a selection of traditional Turkish, Moroccan, Lebanese, Egyptian, Syrian and local cuisines here. At the main area of Khan Murjan, you will find an open roofed but fully air-conditioned restaurant that provides an excellent backdrop of the Umawi architecture where people can gather for dining. The traditional water wheel at here contains a gentle running water sound that provides a soothing feeling to the visitors.

The atmosphere at Khan Murjan is always filled with the fine fragrance of Kiln-baked bread, infusion of sheesha and other exotic spices. The stores at the souk offer a whole range of artistic works from some of the finest Arab artists. You will also get a chance of coming face to face with those artists who are behind the creation of such magnificent masterpieces. There is a whole range of crafts that can be found at Khan Murjan including intricately woven Persian rugs, luxurious gem stone jewelry, beautifully carved Moroccan furniture and Damascene mosaics. When you visit Khan Murjan then you should be prepared to get a surprise at even other turn in the area.

Khan Murjan remains open from 10 am to 10 pm daily and until midnight at local holidays. Wafi has undergone extensive developments recently in order to improve its retail offer. The souk has now developed to be unique and offers much more than the average local malls. Khan Murjan is the key attraction of the pioneering Wafi project. While visiting the souk, you can wander through some of its amazing alleys and experience the beautiful Islamic architecture at the same time. The building currently caters the needs of tourists with its 150 shops including certain souvenirs. Overall, the place is a must visit by all those people who visit Dubai to enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of this amazing city.

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