The Sparkling Nightlife of Dubai

If you feel like tasting the Dubai nightlife, then for sure you will need your best dress, a good amount of cash and the pure will, in addition with some company to go with you. Dubai guarantees you a great time, no matter day or night. Dubai night clubs offer all sorts of music for the public, and although you may feel yourself limited when it comes to the consumption of alcohol in Dubai, yet let yourself be mesmerized by the rhythm and the atmosphere of Dubai clubs, and dance through the night.

Dubai with its redevelopment to be a tourist paradise, have successfully created a wide palette of all sorts of entertaining programs and places. The nightlife of Dubai nowadays is just as rich as its daily life, given that many places, even shops keep open even after 21:00 hours.

Most of the famous bars are part of the hotels. The simple reason is that the tourists need more entertainment. The other reason is the different law for hotels regarding the alcohol consumption. Thanks to the quantity and high quality of hotels, the choice of Dubai nightclubs and discos has been widened drastically in the last few years.

Today, you can visit all sorts of Dubai clubs, from the eccentric to the normal bar, from the highly chiselled Boudoir to the extravagant Trilogy or Zinc. Among the themed bars, we can set the Buddha Bar as the finest example. This place offers a relaxed way of night out, while the Kasbar has all the Moroccan cuisine and temperament on its side. The huge Atlantis Resort has its own disco called Sanctuary. All sorts of music are played at these places from underground technology hip-hop and most commonly, you will have a free drink included with your ticket.

There are some common rules regarding the dressing and behaviour rules in the Dubai night clubs. These are not too harsh however, with flip–flops and daily wear or shorts you will not be let in to any of the better discos. Here people like to show off their style and elegance, so keep up with this trend, so wear something long and elegant for a night out.

Even if you are a man or a woman, try to get a company at your hotel in order to get in. Many places do not favour single visitors, as mostly there are table orders, or 6-8 people together in a group. If you still have no choice to find a suitable company, try it when queuing by the disco, if you see a good-looking group of tourists.

In addition, if you are still not 21, you will need to cancel this program. Sometimes even if you are past 25, you may need to do the same. U.A.E has some strict regulation concerning the Dubai nightlife. Take care with the tine-money context. Many clubs keep open only until 3 or 4 o’clock. If you feel like seeing discos of Pakistanis or Turkish or Indians, visit the Al Karama district the main hub of Indians and people from the surrounding districts.

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