Where To Buy Lacoste Clothes in Dubai

Who does not know the world famous crocodile of Lacoste? The icon and logo of great French style, no matter if its sportswear or casual Lacoste, is the fashion brand impersonating the style in itself. Lacoste is very famous in Dubai, especially for its great men’s and women’s sportswear that are ideal for golf, tennis and other outdoor activities as well.

René Lacoste founded the Lacoste brand back in 1933 and today it belongs to the league of the classic style brands. Especially, men prefer the Lacoste, with high emphasis on its colourful tennis shirts, with which the brand has started a new trend. Before the arrival of Lacoste, no men would wear tennis shirt in such a stylish way. In the past few years, the Lacoste brand went through serious refreshment in its campaigns, which means the better for the brand. Lacoste now is trying to concentrate on the creation of more upscale fashion items, gowns for instance with an edge in them. The great marketing does all the good for Lacoste to stay always up to date and trendy.

Lacoste does the following labels: • Lacoste: Crocodile Garments • Lacoste footwear for men and women: With the news that the new Lacoste footwear collections are designed by the world, famous Iraqi-English architect, named Zaha Hadid, the one who won the tender on the Dubai Opera House as well. • Lacoste women collections • Lacoste Leather goods: including handbags, suitcases and other leather accessories • Lacoste fragrances: Lacoste is becoming more and more anticipated by its great fragrances out of which the Challenge for men is one of the latest in the collection.

There are several trademark issues considering Lacoste, however nothing bad in them, Lacoste has a contract with many high scale manufacturers in order to give more quality this way to its goods. Until recently, the Devanlay Company owned the sole worldwide clothing license, while today ICC together with China also manufactures Lacoste Polo Shirts under licence in Thailand. The Pentland Group owns the sole international license for producing Lacoste footwear and another giant, the Procter & Gamble owns the exclusive global right and allowance to produce fragrance. The world famous Samsonite holds the license to produce Lacoste bags and small leather goods. In order to keep up with the trends and to enlarge its global market, in 2007, Lacoste renewed its website by making all its goods available to buy online, mainly targeting the U.S. market. The good thing in it is that the E-commerce websites contains such sizes that are not available to buy in general Lacoste stores but all are largely demanded by the US fashion market.

In Dubai, there are several label stores, as the brand is extremely popular among men. Lacoste has great enduring materials, fine cut and colours making it highly suitable for all sorts of activities, let it be sports or leisure. You can find Lacoste stores in the Dubai Mall, in the Deira City Centre and in the Mall of the Emirates as well. It is highly advised to look into some of the Lacoste stores, as here you can find clothes for cheaper than their original price elsewhere. Lacoste always remain a classically stylish brand that comes always handy for both men and women.

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