Where To Find Stylish Pendants in Dubai?

When it comes to jewels, we need to talk a little bit more about all the different offer of pendants with or without necklaces. Jewel designers like pendants because they give more space for more artistic designs. Always the pendants give the total gem storage space and the chance for any design or character, when it comes to necklaces. For this, it is not all the same which one you buy.

Pendants and medals are long time favourites to buy and if you go shopping in Dubai, you cannot help; you will see lots of them everywhere. Plenty of pendants are available at the popular Dubai Gold Souk located in the Deira district. However, if you are looking for the real specialities, you will need to visit the best stores selling pendants of the best manufacturers in the world. Pendants are sold alone or together with its necklace. Many times, it depends on the manufacturer on whether they want to sell them in sets or alone as well. In addition, sometimes shopper can also decide on the pendant.

You can find most jewellery either in the Deira City Centre or in the Emirates Mall. The famous Dubai Mall mainly specialises for selling fashion items and electronics. However, the Emirates Mall is full of quality jewel shops, both brand-stores and jewelleries such as the Himat Jewellers, the Mansoor Jewellers and the Al Fardan Jewellers. Out of brand stores, the most beautiful are the Boucheron, the British Asprey and of course the designers shops, such as Louis Vuitton and Bvlgari, just to mention a few. In the Deira City Centre, you can find several jewelleries as well, such as the Glitters and Claire’s for children and teenagers’ jewellery.

As soon as you go shopping within Dubai, you will see dozens of jewelleries on your way, except when you travel with the Red Metro line. Some tourists target to find their own favourite brands of international jewelleries, for a discounted price. Others prefer to see what the local jewellery makers have on offer.

The most remarkable jewellery makers and manufacturers of Dubai are the Damas Jewellery, the Samra Jewellery and the Taiba Jewellery among many others. All these top-brands have their brand stores and they sell at several jewelleries as well. Only Damas alone has twenty shops selling its jewelleries in shopping malls, such as the BurJuman Centre and the Deira City Centre.

Damas has the most beautifully formed pendants and medals in the Middle East. Samra sells the best quality diamond items, pendants among many other types of jewellery. Taiba Jewellery is also very famous for its greatly elegant designs of pendants.

These upper mentioned stores are all on the internet, you can check out their variety even from home, but do not let it to take away the enjoying of shopping in Dubai. During your shopping tour, you see the whole city that will give you great memories of your visit, so that you do not only remember a hotel and a pendant this way. Dubai shopping is really a must-do, but of course with much care for your purse.

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