Which Medical Insurance to Choose?

When you are to travel or when you are in a different country, the question of which medical insurance to choose in Dubai will sooner or later come up. Of course, there are some possibilities, but one part of these will soon be eliminated because of the implementation of Dubai’s new healthcare regulations. Let us see what medical insurance to choose from in Dubai.

There are several sorts of medical insurance out of which you can choose from, but you will need to act carefully because of the old regulation and also because of the coming of the new regulations. First of all, you need to get a health card, no matter which medical insurance to choose from later on. One part of the medical insurance is that every non-Dubai or non-GTT citizens should have all their medical tests specifically to screen TBC, Hepatitis and AIDS. This is necessary because several workers come from very poor Asian and African territories where these illnesses are not rare at all. There are various tests to screen whether someone has any other infectious illnesses or comes from a region where these illnesses occur such as Malaria or Cholera. The health card should be applied for at one of the public hospitals of Dubai, like the Dubai Hospital, the Rashid Hospital and the Al Wasl Hospitals, all easy to find in Dubai. The health card procedure takes a couple of days and costs AED 510 per applicant. The renewal though can be made also online.

When we arrive to the question to discuss which medical insurance to choose from when we are in Dubai, we will meet several different medical insurance packages, offered by dozens of different national and international companies. We will first need to see, if our original health insurance is suitable for Dubai or not really, or only in limited cases. Then we should read the conditions very carefully. Many employers will pay for the insurance of their employees, which seems generous but from next year Dubai wants to make it also obligatory. This means that when it comes to choosing medical insurance in Dubai, you should go for such insurance, which later on will be transferable to be covered by your employer. Most importantly choose such a medical insurance that does not finish when you leave your position only returns to you are the person to pay for it, until you find another employer.

Local insurance companies such as Daman or NextCare offer fine services when it comes to which medical insurance to choose from, they have several different packages, with especially Damam being stronger with the making of international insurances with good conditions. As for the biggest international insurance companies, the biggest one is definitely Axa in Dubai. Most expats have their private insurance at Axa, or they purchase their insurance previously to going in Dubai at Axa with conditions that their services will apply to your stay in Dubai or in the whole Middle East. When it comes to which medical insurance to choose from choose the services that can profit you all the best.

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