Youngsters’ Favourite Brand G-Star in Dubai

G-Star is making a big name in Dubai among the youngsters. The store that is located in the Dubai Mall is a great store offering a wide range of urban street wear becoming more and more hip even in the Muslim Emirate Dubai. So, let us see what to know about G-Star and its origins is.

G-Star Raw is a great company with Dutch origins founded in 1989 with the ultimate goal to bring more aspects of wearing jeans for the young generation. Its name would have been GAP Star, but then due to name similarity issues with the US brand GAP, they have become G-Star Raw. The brand is among the most popular street wear brands in Holland ever since. G-Star therefore is a very modern brand always trying to keep up and even going forward the existing trends making new trends on its own. The brand’s primary good is jeans and urban street wear for teenagers and for those who feel themselves being one. Jeans is manufactured here in many colours, mostly the hippest of course.

G-Star was among the first brands in Europe and in the world that made the raw jeans, called denim into the mainstream. Denim has several aspects ever since and the G-Star created the “luxury denim for streets” idea and live to its standards ever since. These years G-Star owns and uses several different types of jeans washing techniques always creating something new for young people to wear. G-Star has opened several stores within the Netherlands and then Europe. Only recently have they started to gain more popularity outside of the continent with their new shops opened in Japan, China and in the Middle Eastern countries, such as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Young men love dressing up everywhere in the world, this including also the Muslim countries all over the world, so it is no wonder that G-Star is a famous hip brand among the teenagers.

G-Star has great male and female collections and the new Prouvé Classic collection features a brand new furniture collection of the brand inspired by all the jeans’ style ever designed by the company. G-Star keeps up with the modern times with offering its iPhone Applications and a retail site. G-Star works in franchise, so anyone who suits the terms and conditions of the company can open a G-Star store anywhere in the world. The Dubai G-Star store is extremely popular for its style and its great prices. Therefore, it is almost sure that soon other G-Star stores will open in Dubai until the next year.

If you do not know this brand yet, look for it in the Dubai Mall and you will see your mission is really worth. The collections of G-Star are colourful and multiple. The style is always up to date and there are discounts several times a year, so if you are big jeans and denim fan, your place is in the G-Star store, in Dubai.

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