5 Dubai Attraction You Must See

For last few decades, Dubai has become the traveler’s paradise on earth. Nowadays, it is perhaps the most international and smart looking city in the Middle East. During your Dubai travel, you will find spectacular view of desert as well as the Arabian Sea. Luxurious hotels, resorts and restaurants are waiting to serve you with their sumptuous service. East meets west in Dubai. So, you will find a mixture of both the culture, which will never be critical to adjust with. The luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel is a major landmark of the city. However, you can also get a feel of traditional Dubai culture while visiting the souks and mosques of past era. Here is a list of the most interesting sightseeing destinations in Dubai.

1. Jumeirah Beach
Jumeirah Beach is the most popular beach with soft white sands at the outskirts of Dubai. The Jumeirah Beach Park is an incredible place to hang around for the day. You can enjoy various beach activities, such as, diving, wind surfing, snorkeling, jet skiing and fishing. If you just want to relax and enjoy, then you can go for sunbathing. Playing beach volley-ball and other games are also quite refreshing. The water temperature is perfect for swimming during the winter time. On the beach, you may find snacks shops selling hot dogs, kebabs, soft drinks etc.

2. Dubai Museum
At your Dubai travel, you must visit the Dubai Museum to enhance your knowledge on the social and cultural past of the country. The Museum is located in Al Fahidi Fort, which is the most antique building in the city. The fort was built more than 300 years back and it has been renovated by the ruler of Dubai in 1971. From then, it has been the place for the history of the Emirates. Galleries showcase the transition periods from a pearling village to contemporary days. There are also excavated artifacts dated back to third century BC.

3. Wild Wadi Water Park
You should not miss to visit this fabulous water park, at your Dubai travel. It is another popular tourist attraction, which has been identified as one of the best in world. The park has multiple water slides, heated or cooled wave pool and artificial surfing machines. The water park also has a beautiful waterfall, which goes on and off periodically. Some of the exciting rides are Master Blaster, Ring Rides, Jumeirah Sceirah, Flowrider etc. Enjoy a whole day out in the park with finest foods and beverages from the inside restaurants.

4. Desert Safari
Your Dubai travel will not be complete unless you experience the blazing heat and sandy winds of the deserts. Desert tour packages are available for morning, afternoon or evening time. You may enjoy the sunset over the dunes or exquisite dining on the sands. Also, experience the camel ride and sand boarding. In the evening you can even enjoy the performance of the belly dancers on the sands.

5. Ski Dubai
Skiing at Dubai may sound unbelievable, but it is real fact. This Ski Center is located in the Mall of the Emirates and it is the third largest indoor slope within the world. When you are totally dried out by the outside temperature, get into this Alpine climate. Here you can enjoy skiing and snow-boarding on real snow, at freezing temperature.

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