Al Rigga

Dubai is a huge city, which aims to get even bigger in the future. Thanks to the huge immigration of all sorts of workforce into the emirate, Dubai needs to build new living and working buildings continuously and do renovation works within the city in order to build even bigger buildings to host even more expats who want to live in Dubai. Al Rigga district is a semi-new district of Dubai, which belongs to the Deira region of Dubai, which is one of the main regions of the Old Dubai part of the city. Al Rigga is a very busy district, which is famous for its extra cheap accommodations and for its closeness to the Dubai International Airport.

Al Rigga is an extra colourful district located in the Deira region of Old Dubai. The district is bordered by the beautiful Dubai Creek, by the Muraqqabat and by the Al Naif districts on the Deira side. Al Rigga is extra famous for its closeness to the International Airport of Dubai, which is only a few minutes away by taxi and that is why, it is popular among those travellers who only wish to stay one or two nights in Dubai. Al Rigga is a district, which is mainly populated by Indians, Pakistanis, and counts as a cheaper district of Dubai. The hotels of Al Rigga have reasonable prices and if you want to party, then it is the best place to choose as most of Al Rigga’s hotels house one or two nightclubs inside.

Al Rigga is also popular because it is close to the Dubai Creek and to Deira’s biggest shopping mall the Deira City Center. Most hotels are located quite close to the shopping mall. There are also several apartment hotels in Al Rigga, which are quite tempting with their extra cheap prices. With the metro, it takes only a few minutes to get to the centre of new Dubai and the recently opened Green Line of the Dubai Metro is also going through Al Rigga as well and is aiming to make the public transportation even easier.

Al Rigga is popular to be extra multicultural and for its very cheap restaurants, cafés, internet cafés and all sorts of shops which you can find on its streets. Not too far from Al Rigga, you can find the busy souks of Deira, which represent one main Dubai attraction. However, Al Rigga does not have many attractions; you can find the beautiful port called Dhow Wharfage over here. In Al Rigga, you will see cheap hotels in every second or third building and there are further constructions in order to build even bigger hotels and living complexes in the areas.

Try one of the local water taxis called Abras, which can take you to the other side of the Creek in the most beautiful way. Here you can find the Medina of Dubai, the Bur Dubai district that is the most attractive touristic part of the city.

If you are looking for staying at a place where you can see the face of everyday’s Dubai, then Al Rigga is the best place for you. However, do not forget that for cheap hotels the other price to pay is the lowered expectations. Al Rigga is great for a couple of nights however and thanks to its great transportation network you can get anywhere from here very easily.

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