Al Satwa

Satwa or Al Satwa is a district located in the very centre of Dubai. There are several attractions to see both in and nearby the Satwa district, so it offers a nice area for an excursion.

Satwa district is famous for its many ethnic groups living there, mainly Iranians, Indians, Pakistanis and other South-East Asian communities including a local tribe as well, called “Bloushi”. In its outlook, the Al Satwa district still contains many old-style buildings and street, which makes its look really nice and authentic. The area is not far from the Sheikh Zaed Road, the main road crossing the whole centre of Dubai and is one of the cheapest downtown areas where one can find an affordable mid-category hotel to stay. Satwa district itself does not offer specific sites to visit except the old-time Arabic–Asian atmosphere. However, the main big attractions located nearby include the famous Emirates Towers, the World Trade Centre, the Jumeirah Beach, also offering several types of attractions and activities, and the beach of Dubai itself with its many resorts is also within walking distance. Al Satwa has a beautiful mosque, called Satwa mosque, which is really worth seeing from the outside and several many notably nice traditional buildings and narrow streets.

The plans of a project soon to be built in the area of Al Satwa, called the Jumeirah Garden City, which, if built, will for sure make this older area disappear together with the colourful life of its inhabitants. The Garden city, according to its plans will be one of the most enormous construction within Dubai, including the building of a huge all-modern residence area which will make altogether 12 districts, and various entertainment and business complexes as well, of course.

Many might not know about the importance of Al Satwa in the life of modern literature of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Satwa district is the birthplace of a literature art piece called Satwa Stories, a kind of novel mixed with comic in style, dedicated to the people and their interesting life all in the Satwa district. The Satwa Stories has already started to earn fame for itself, so when in Dubai do not miss the chance to get one novel for yourself. There are hints that the Veritas Films production company will be making a film series based on the characters and stories of the Satwa Novels and broadcast them in one of Dubai’s Television.

So when in Dubai, do not miss the chance to look around in the Al Satwa area as well. You might only have a couple of years more to get the chance to enjoy its colourful life. It is very easy to reach the Metro Station as well.

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