Bottega Veneta Handbags in Dubai

If you are looking for the most expensive luxury handbags in the world, then you may probably note the name of Bottega Veneta the handbags of which cost the most in the market. Bottega Veneta handbags are therefore all extremely elegant, in their relative simplicity and they possess such a style, which is really over the yearly trends. Let us check out where to find Bottega Veneta handbags in Dubai, which is arguably the land of luxury.

Bottega Veneta is a relatively young brand that was founded in 1966. The French PPR Group today owns the brand and it is headquartered in Vicenza, in the Veneto region of Italy, being faithful to its name. Bottega Veneta was set up as a leather artisan company that started to make handmade leather goods from the time of its founding, following the rich artisan traditions of Venezia; the company has quickly become famous. Their well-known technique that you can see on their trademark handbags are made with the so-called leather-weaving technique, which in Italian is called “Intrecciato”. Bottega Veneta today makes its handbags from the best quality leather and this makes their handbags both worlds famous and extremely reliable, when taken care of properly. In its rare collections, we can see rare skin types such as Cobra or Python skin. These handbags’ price may cost up to AED 22.000 per item that makes the Bottega Veneta handbags the most expensive in the world. Bottega Veneta stays away from today’s trendy logo handbags and their items therefore contain no logo at all. This way, the brand has quite smartly out closed, the high profile copying, as most people who buy copied handbags do shop them because of their featured logos.

The US fame of Bottega Veneta is due to the short documentary made by Andy Warhol back in the Eighties. This film has made the company extremely trendy in the United States and shortly after the management of the company has been moved to New York. In the Nineties, the brand was touched with the need of creating more trend-setting and trend-following creations, as the fame of trademark logos have started to grow immensely on the fashion market. Bottega Veneta goods were facing declining profits and selling did not go very well. Then in 2001, the Gucci Group has acquired Bottega Veneta and the brand got a new, pioneering managing designer in the German designer Thomas Maier who has given a push to the brand and its designs. From then on Bottega Veneta handbags were produced also in trendy colours and with a bigger variety in their outlooks. It was also Maier who have decided to put more emphasis on the brand’s trademark “Intrecciato” design which from then on has become the trademark outlook for Bottega Veneta brand. Today, Bottega Veneta is a flourishing brand, its hand-woven handbags extremely fashionable everywhere in the world. As their handbags are not part of the serial-production, each item is genuine and therefore they cost a lot. Not many people can afford to have Bottega Veneta handbags, but among Dubai’s rich and royal classes, these handbags are bought pretty well.

In Dubai, you can find Bottega Veneta at two places: in its label store located at the Emirates Towers Boulevard and you can also purchase them at Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai, situated within the BurJuman Shopping Mall in Bur Dubai. Even if you cannot afford them, Bottega Veneta bags are masterpieces, really worth checking out.

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