Buy Valentino Bags in Dubai

Dubai is the land of wealth and luxury still today when there is economic crisis even in the United Arab Emirates; the demand for luxury goods is as high as it used to be. Ladies want to look good and the best way for looking classy is to own some great quality accessories, such as Valentino handbags. Handbags are great accessories, because they show the brand perfectly and they can be worn for more than a decade. If they are good quality and stylish there is no way that they ever go out of fashion. This is absolutely true for Valentino handbags which are the results of decades of designing from one fashion genius whose empire is today leading the company according to the Valentino style heritage.

Valentino Spa is named after the Italian designer Valentino Garavani and it has been one of the top Italian fashion houses since the Sixties when Valentino’s first designs were publicized and got world famous. The designer genius was always popular for his high profile creations; let it be about Valentino haute couture of accessories, such as Valentino handbags. The fashion house Valentino has become one of the most popular in the world, in the Eighties and Nineties we could spot several Hollywood stars wearing one of Valentino’s creations. Today Valentino deals with all aspects of fashion, from prêt-a-porter to fragrances. The designer has resigned as a leader of the company in 2008 as he has declared his retiring, but today’s Valentino Spa under the leadership of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccuri is flourishing, coming out with great designs from season to season, keeping the heritage of Valentino. Today, Valentino Spa is owned by Italian Marzotto Apparel, a huge Textile company, which is the second owner after HDP, had sold the company in 2002.

Valentino has stores all over the world offering great, stylish pieces for every occasion. It is especially their evening garments that have brought the company the biggest success. Valentino bags and other accessories, such as shoes, sunglasses and other leatherware is sold by contracted retailers, such as Saks Fifth Avenue. They offer a great variety of Valentino bags and shoes in Dubai, within the BurJuman shopping mall and of course in dozens of its shopping malls all around in the UAE, where Valentino has always had a sound success. Valentino handbags have a high price, thanks to their brilliant quality and style. Normally they cost around AED 3300, which is not cheap at all. Valentino as all the grand firms in fashion whose items, especially accessories are often copied illegally puts high importance to make its customers to buy their items only through their official retail partners or in their official stores. This is the same in Dubai, where you can find Valentino stores in the Dubai Mall, in the Marina Mall and in the BurJuman shopping mall too. Valentino handbags are also offered by the Debenhams located also within the Dubai Mall.

This means, it is pretty easy to find Valentino purses and other garments or accessories in Dubai, where women love to get the best handbags and other accessories. If you are in Dubai during one of its shopping festivals, then you will get even luckier, to find Valentino handbags with good discounts.

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