Carolina Herrera Handbags in Dubai

We do not get to see many Latin American fashion designers to reach a top level in the world of international fashion but Carolina Herrera could successfully make it. Daughter of a prominent Venezuelan family, Carolina Herrera was long known as being among the most classy and elegant when it comes to dressing up. Her two lines “Carolina Herrera” and “CH” have made the brand internationally well known and its items are being sold all around the world, by label stores and official retailers. Let us see how and where to get Carolina Herrera handbags in Dubai in this article together with some history of the brand.

Although Carolina Herrera is not as well known a brand as a Chanel or a Dior, it is making a sound success on the market with lower prices of its great Carolina Herrera handbags as of its competitors. The brand is sold all over the world and the CH logo is famous as any other brands. Carolina Herrera has been on the US fashion scene since roughly the Seventies where she has such elite clients as Jackie Onassis and Carolina Herrera herself was chosen multiple times as the best-dressed women in the US. This tells us a lot about the great taste of all the Carolina Herrera items, specifically its handbags that as accessories are selling pretty well. Both lines represent elegance and style, and the CH line is using the CH logo as Louis Vuitton, this way you can easily spot Carolina Herrera handbags and it has made the brand a popular target for the counterfeit makers as well. Many fake Carolina Herrera handbags are on sale on the marketplaces of Dubai as well as the genuine ones.

Dubai is well known for its great taste and demand for luxury goods which are represented in the city by dozens of first-class stores where Dubai women can shop to their like as they do, every day. The most expensive labels are sold in Dubai with a relative easiness. No wonder that most of US and Europe’s top department stores, many of which do not have any abroad stores at all, have decided to pitch tent in Dubai and each one serve a high number of clientele day by day. The Harrods, the Debenhams, the Bloomingdales and the Saks Fifth Avenue from the US and Great Britain, the Galeries Lafayette from France, all operate with high success with their fashion items. Many of these brands, such as Saks have a direct contract with Carolina Herrera and therefore can act as retailers of the brand.

Today, we can find Carolina Herrera bags in its label stores, in the Dubai Festival City, in The Dubai Mall and in the Mall of the Emirates and its accessories and garments are also sold by Villa Moda Dubai, which you can find in the Emirates Towers Boulevard.

Carolina Herrera handbags represent eternal style and quality for a good price in Dubai as well as other parts of the world. If you have or want a great sophisticated addition to your wardrobe, then do not forget to get a couple of great Carolina Herrera handbags and others of its wide range of accessories.

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