Cultural Tours in Dubai

Dubai, on the first place, is not really the city that is extremely famous for its historic attractions on the first place, but for its shining new skyscrapers and other ultra-modern wonders on offer. However, if you decide to make a Dubai cultural tour, in and out of downtown Dubai, then some of the most beautiful cultural and historic attractions will amaze you.

Dubai is not an old city in its current form; it is not more than 50 years old. Knowing this, you might have some ideas on not counting on too many historic attractions in its area. Dubai has some really marvellous buildings and sites to offer, many of which, including the most important old-town part, the Bastakiya, is due to Prince Charles of Great Britain and an English architect living in Dubai. Luckily, they could prevent some beautiful cultural heritage sites from being destroyed by the Dubai under modernisation hype. When Dubai has realised that cultural tourism is an essential part of the tourism industry, the Sheikh of Dubai has decided to get more historical sites instantly renovated.

If you go on a Dubai cultural tour to visit the historic attractions, the first thing you need to do, is travel to the Bur Dubai area, just by the delta of Dubai Creek. Bur Dubai, the Medina or old-city of Dubai, is a must-see for everyone, being the most important stop during your Dubai cultural tour. Being a beautiful historic attraction in itself, Bur Dubai, really offers a travel back in time. Who will not like to feel the classic oriental Arabic atmosphere of this stunning city? One of the main attractions of Bur Dubai is the small Al Bastakiya quarter, containing the most unique-looking traditional old homes, each of them having a wind tower on their top. These wind towers originates from Iran and put to implementation in the architecture of Dubai by Iranian merchants living in the city. Deira district, the other part of Dubai Medina is on the other side of Dubai Creek, facing Bur Dubai, giving you a great chance to try the famous water-taxi for going there. Deira is famous for its huge souks or marketplaces. Here you can find just anything and you will need to turn your head very quickly repeatedly not to miss anything of this very interesting life, within the souk.

You must also visit the oldest building of the town, a great historic site, during you Dubai cultural tour. The picturesque huge Al Fahidi Fort gives home to the Dubai Museum, the main museum of Dubai. This museum houses the biggest collection of findings and artefacts of the history of Dubai. You must definitely see the biggest and most beautiful mosque of Dubai, the Grand Mosque as well. Unfortunately, pre-organized tours do not take tourists there, as non-Muslims cannot visit the Grand Mosque. Instead they will take you to the Jumeirah Mosque, the big mosque located in the Jumeirah district, as this is the one and only mosque in Dubai, among the very few in the world, which has organized guided tours inside.

The Dubai Heritage & Diving Village is one of the most colourful historic attractions of Dubai. This little village part contains partly restored, partly rebuilt traditional Arabic fishing houses, together with the entire old-time atmosphere to revive the past, the times when Dubai used to be none other than a fishing village, living out of what they could earn by selling fishes. The flourishing of Dubai had started when the anglers found the very first pearls, which later have become the trademark luxury good of Dubai, making the village rich and a leading trader in the Gulf Area. If you have the time and the chance during your cultural tour, visit the Hatta Village too, as this is a very remarkable sight, preserving the traditional homes of Hatta people, old-time residents of Dubai.

The best way to finish your Dubai cultural tour is to take a dhow cruise in the early evening hours. Dhows, together with its picturesque Dhow Wharfage, are one of the most beautiful historic attractions of Dubai. Their port, the Wharfage is also located in Bur Dubai; you will find it very easily. These beautiful Arabic vessels, called dhows are still in use to carry goods and people. Still today, it plays a very important role in the tourism of Dubai, with taking passengers on cruises, with a tasty dinner and live performances. This program, being a historic attraction in itself, is the ideal finish of a busy sightseeing day, a great ending of your Dubai cultural tour.

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