Dubai City Tour

Dubai city tour is of course the most preferred program, which almost all tourists will do while they are staying in Dubai. Of course you can do one Dubai city tour all by yourself too, but it’s really worth taking part in at least one Dubai sightseeing tour, not entirely for the attractions, but also for the important information which the guide can tell you about the history, the customs and the Dubai attractions. Hereby, we represent you some of the most important points of a sightseeing tour and will enlist a couple of ways to do the Dubai city tour.

Most Dubai city tour starts from the Jumeirah Mosque because it is in the area where most tourists stay. Of course, there are city tours starting up from other parts of Dubai, which we will enlist later on. The Jumeirah Mosque is the second largest mosque of Dubai and in fact the only mosque of the city, which also receives non-Muslim visitors in a previously arranged time, when of course is not Muslims in the whole building.

From the Jumeirah Mosque the Dubai city tour continues southwards first in order to explore the most important sites of New Dubai. Toward the trademark building of Dubai, the Burj Al Arab hotel afterwards there is chance to see the Jumeirah Beach and the great Souk Madinat complex too which is located right next to the Wild Wadi Water Park. Some Dubai city tours give chance for tourists to spend some time in the Souk Madinat before continuing the sightseeing program.

The city tour then continues Northwards along the huge Sheikh Zayed Road, which is the main road of Dubai, along which you can see the most great and ultramodern skyscrapers. The bus will go next to the highest building of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa and go toward the business quarter of Dubai, the huge Dubai World Trade Centre with the Twin Towers of Dubai, the Emirates Towers. Many city tours stop by the beautiful Grand Mosque of Dubai, which greatly represents the Islamic and Arabic ancient architecture.

The main site of all Dubai city tours is the Dubai Creek, which is no doubt the nicest part of Dubai also containing the most beautiful attractions of the town. The Dubai Creek is a big canal–like water, which goes into the old part of Dubai to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. The Dubai Creek serves as the main point of the beautiful Dhow Cruises and the oldest quarters of the city can be found along the Creek. Here, guests have the chance to visit the oldest building of Dubai, the Al Fahidi Fort, also located along the Dubai Creek and serves as the building of the huge Dubai Museum today. The Dubai city tour continues toward the beautiful old streets of Al Bastakiya where you can see the authentic Arabic houses with the wind tower, the air–conditioner of the old times, a unique way of architecture originating from Iraq.

From the beautiful Medina of Bur Dubai district, the Dubai city tour continues toward the traditional Arabic covered souks of the opposite lying Deira. The passengers will take a great Dubai water taxi in order to go to Deira, in order to make the trip more romantic and colourful. Here, there is a huge labyrinth of souk featuring all sorts of goods and most importantly the Arabic atmosphere of the old times. The Gold Souk is among the most important segments of Deira Souk and it is a must–see featured in all Dubai city tours.

Most Dubai city tours end at Deira or at Al Rigga districts, from where tourists are taken back to the Jumeirah Mosque or they can go also different ways if they feel like. Al Rigga is the closest metro station to the Deira Souk district. Have the will and take part in a great city tour around Dubai. Next time, you will know what exactly you would like to see more of.

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