Givenchy Handbags in Dubai

Givenchy is one of the biggest household names when it comes to haute couture and French fashion designers. The Fashion House of Hubert de Givenchy, who has retired in 1995, had a very important effect on the fashion world. Givenchy has been among the most famous fashion brands of Hollywood, especially when it comes to the films of Audrey Hepburn who had a great friendship with the French designer and who wore the creations of Givenchy in her many films, such as Sabrina or Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The Kennedy family also loved Givenchy creations among many other celebrities and royal family members all around the world.

Up to the end of the 19th century Givenchy represented the eternal classic French flavour with its clothes, let them be haute couture or prêt a porter creations. The aspect has changed though from the 2000 when first John Galliano, then Alexander McQueen both designers being well known of their more extravagant tastes in fashion designing, had taken over the designing of Givenchy items. From 2005 the head and leading designer of the fashion house is Riccardo Tisci an Italian designer who has brought Givenchy to the modern fashion scene, with his more gothic and at other times minimalist creations. Givenchy has been welcomed as a rejuvenated brand in the fashion world and in its 2012 campaign it features the worldwide known Brazilian top model Gisele Bündchen. Givenchy handbags come in all sorts of shapes and forms, yet in this season they rather look classy, closed to being vintage -looking than being modern. This seasons Givenchy handbags are coming out in extravagant neon colours such as orange, blue or green. Givenchy is creating its handbags to stand out from the crowd, but of course, apart from the neon colours they deal with black, white and beige creations all the same. The average price of a Givenchy handbag is around AED 5500-7500.  The sizes of bags vary from small to extra big. The biggest handbags of the collection are those coming from the Pandora collection. Here you can choose your bag out of 10 different colours.

In Dubai we can get to find lots of Givenchy products, thanks to a cooperation between Givenchy and the Store Chain which is known as Rodeo Drive and features luxury boutiques especially in the Dubai 5 star hotels which features all the Jumeirah hotels and basically all the high category hotels within the downtown of Dubai. You can also find Givenchy in the Harvey Nichols located within the huge Mall of the Emirates, one of the most beautiful shopping malls of Dubai, which is definitely worth visiting. Saks Fifth Avenue also sell Givenchy items at times that you can find within the BurJuman Shopping Mall.

Dubai is a great target of those who want to buy luxury goods, because being a tax-free country, sometimes you can get to buy these beautiful Givenchy bags and other luxury articles 10-15% cheaper than they are in Europe or in the United States. Find your next Givenchy piece in Dubai and if you are so lucky to arrive during the Dubai Shopping Festival, then you may get them for even 20% cheaper than their actual price.

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