Rose Tower

Dubai in the past decades has become the leading touristic attraction in the Middle East. There have been uncountable buildings, unlimited construction of huge and even bigger attractions, living-complexes and several other new facilities, talking about all of which would surely fill a book. Among the hundreds of new skyscrapers, all have their own name and style. Rose Tower is one such tower that is worth a little more information.

Interestingly, Rose Tower is no part of any complex. It is an alone standing structure, holding the title to be the highest hotel in the world, preceding the by-far highest hotel of Dubai, the famous Burj Al Arab. Rotana also calls Rose Tower as Rose Rayhaan, because it is the name of it as a hotel. Owned and operated by Rotana chain, one of the largest Saudi entertainment concern and hotel-chain, owns many hotels both in Dubai and all over the Middle East and Asia.

Rose Tower is 333 meter high. Interestingly, plans were to build it even higher, about fifty meters, but then during construction decided to go to the smaller size. With the publication of the first plans and designs, the building of the Rose Tower had started back in 2004 and was finished in a considerably quick time. Rose Tower first opened its doors to the public as part of the Rotana hotel chain in 2007 and operates with a very good success ever since.

As part of the Saudi Hotel-chain, we must note that Rose Tower is an alcohol-free hotel in Dubai, interestingly the very first of its kind. As many know, the consumption of any alcoholic drinks is, if not prohibited, than it is not advised, neither for tourists, unless they go to a bar or restaurant area specifically for tourists, as the Irish Village, in Al Garhoud. Dubai as one city living out of tourism and business, do not have very strict laws on this. However, the laws of Saudi Arabia, being far stricter to keep the rules based of the Quran, the consumption of any alcohol anywhere is strictly prohibited.

To talk about its location, Rose Tower is situated in the heart of Dubai, by the road serving as main artery for the metropolis called Sheikh Zayed Road. In addition, Rose Tower is only some minutes from the famous Jumeirah Beach and the huge Dubai Maritime city. The exciting Emirates Towers complex is also very close to the hotel, which is operating altogether 482 apartments of different kind and size, within the hotel. Among the most famous services in the hotel, we must mention its spa and its many conference facilities, not forgetting about its non-stop cafe and several restaurants.

If we take the metro to visit this magnificent tower, we can get off either at the Financial Centre Metro Station or the Emirates Towers Metro Station 2, in order to take a couple of photos of the Rose Tower, which in real is resembling a huge metallic rose, with its elegant, unique shape. So, once you are in Dubai, do not forget to visit the Rose Rayhan Tower.

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