The Best Places To Buy Gold Bangles

Dubai is the real City of Gold as you will see if you once visit this unforgettable destination. Here, you can get anything, just any jewellery made out of gold just as gold rings, gold necklaces and gold bangles. If you are crazy for bangles then we are here to represent you with some of the best destinations where you can buy quality gold bangles for you.

First of all let’s see what is a bangle because this is not clear for everyone. The bangle is a type of bracelet which stays on the arm fix meaning that it doesn’t change its place. Bangles are highly trendy to wear in multiple numbers, cheap bangles are even worn in dozens in Europe and in India. While bangles don’t have that wide culture in the Arabic countries, the dozens of Indian Jewelleries located in Dubai have slightly changed the types of offers and now there is virtually no gold jewellery which wouldn’t have its own bangle collection. Bangle can also be worn alone.

Dubai Gold Souk:
There is no jewellery which you wouldn’t find in the big Gold Souk of Dubai. This souk can be found in Deira, not far from the sea and the Dubai Creek. The quarter comprises of gold shops solely, so we can find over three hundred shops of gold jewellers over here. There is no limit, all sorts of gold bangles, gold necklaces, whole wedding sets are sold over here, not to mention the thousands of wedding rings, engagement rings and bracelets which can be found in the great Gold Souk of Dubai. The place is among the most attractive tourist destinations in Dubai, where thousands of tourists go daily. The best prices can be haggled over here and its also the place where you can find the highest assortment of all gold and silver jewellery. No matter how many gold bangles would you like to have, you will get them over here. As multiple bangles are very popular in India, you can try all the Indian jewellery shops in the Gold Souk and for sure you will not be arriving back to your hotel with empty hands. All great gold jewelleries have their store over here, visit the stores of Damas, Joyalukkas and Taiba Jewelleries, try the Indian Kanz Jewellers and don’t forget about visiting the Dhamani Jewellery either. Don’t miss the chance to see the beautiful collections of Pure Gold Jewellers, where you also have high chance on finding your future gold bangle.

Gold Souk of the Dubai Mall:
With over fifty stores selling gold and diamond jewellery, the Gold Souk of the Dubai Mall is the second largest gold Souk of Dubai and also it’s the largest covered gold souk of the city. The Gold Souk of the Dubai Mall is very stylish, recreated in antique style the streets are named after precious gemstones. Here there are numerous shops where you can find beautiful gold bangles, try with the Arabic and Indian jewelleries, such as the Adnan, Al Anwaar, Al Ghazal or Al Liali jewelleries, don’t forget to visit the stores of Mahallati Jewellery, where you have the best chance to find great gold bangles and check out the stores of Jandanas Mohamtal, Istana and Himat Jewellers.

As you see, in Dubai you will have so many choices to get gold bangles that you will need to spend at least a month over here, in order to be able to view all the offers properly. Gold bangles and all sorts of gold jewellery are the cheapest in Dubai.

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